Are Bethesda worried about Brink's complexity?

With just over a week to go until Brink's release, Bethesda are going full throttle with their series of 'Get SMART' training videos. Totaling 25-minutes of tutorials, do they suggest Bethesda are a tad concerned Brink's FPS quirks may be a bit overwhelming for the casual gamer? | FPS Tribe

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Shmotz2728d ago

Oh ffs it's advertising.

ddurand12728d ago

seriously. so many sites are reaching with EVERYTHING lately.

KeiserSosay47882728d ago

GOOD, they'll stick to Black Ops

fluffydelusions2728d ago

Yes. If it's one thing I hate it's people who play team based FPS like COD.

KeiserSosay47882728d ago

I agree, I think that once TF2 players on PC get a hold of it(if Brink's any good,lol) it will skyrocket to the awesome zone.

Downtown boogey2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

CoD is team-based to you?
And you hate that people play it?

lastdual2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

@Downtown boogey

Pretty sure he means:

"....people who play team-based FPS games *as if* they're playing CoD." - Meaning people who ignore team tactics and try to one-man-army their way through matches.

fluffydelusions2728d ago

^^ Yes hopefully. They are giving customized dedicated servers so that is awesome right there.

Panzerkanzler2728d ago

Because when devs explain new features in their game that's bad? What an utterly retarded article.

Rybakov2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

whats wrong with being complex?

if anything we NEED games to be complex now a days and stop trying to be like call of duty - boring and simple

i cant wait for brink should be good

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The story is too old to be commented.