TVG: Spider-Man: Edge Of Time - Q&A

TVG: Beenox's first solo attempt at Activision's Spider-Man series, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, featured no-less than four separate Spidey universes ('Amazing', 'Ultimate', '2099', and even 'Noir') when it was released last year. Seemingly in an attempt to make the varieties sound less like a product line, the studio has now whittled that roster down to just two universes in the follow-up, Spider-Man: Edge of Time. 'Amazing' and '2099' Spider-Men now take centre-stage across converging timelines featuring cause-and-effect scenarios. We spoke with Associate Producer, Dennis Bernardo to find out more.

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Liamario2725d ago

Question:- is this game worth buying
Answer:- No

protekjv2725d ago

lol he looks like he doing the fusion Technic from dragon ball

AngelicIceDiamond2725d ago

Im a huge Spiderman fan Im a sap when it comes to this Im in.