Super Street Fighter 2 HD - First Screenshot

Capcom has revealed the first in-game screenshot of Super Street Fighter 2 HD, a high-definition remake of Super SF2. It will feature redrawn graphics at 1080p HD resolution and online play, and will be released on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in 2008.

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pwnsause4111d ago

looks good, cant wait to get it on the PSN.

crazy250004111d ago

ima download it for ps3.....cant wait for online play gona be soooo badass

RudeSole Devil4111d ago

I have both, and PSN is really catching up fast. The only thing Xbox has over PSN is how easy it is interact with your friends list. At least add a Web Browser, PSN and the Wii both have Browsers built in.

eloso4111d ago

im download for xbox live :D the picture say all

RudeSole Devil4111d ago

Bull why do we need to pay $50 a year. Thats nothing for Microsoft, I agree should be free. Especially dealing with malfunctioning systems, and sending them back for over a month. Free online membership would be a good start for pissed off costumer's.

RudeSole Devil4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

sorry not for you

JsonHenry4111d ago

I don't mind paying for a superior service. Sure, I would like it to be free, but as an owner of BOTH the PS3 and the Xbox 360 I can tell you that the 360 has a better online experience.

akumous4111d ago

I have both the PS3 and 360 and I don't care what you fans boy say but I am going to get the Ps3 version for the following reasons:

1. Better control - the xbox360 default controller D pad is horrendous for 2D fighting games or any fighting game for that regard. It is much more suited for Shooters, hence that's why there is so many on that platform.

2. Free online - Bill Gates had 2 years worth of me, I just can't afford to maintain these XBL fees man..We need cheaper rates, $50.00 plus tax is seriously too much, plus my net bill.

Those are my main reasons....Other than my Ps3 is more reliable than my 360 and I could transfer or back up my content on other HD as opposed to 360..that's about it

WilliamRLBaker4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

actually the new controller dpads are great for "fighters" its the old ones that caught up on the sides that we're bad.

as for that you cannot pay 50 dollars a year? lol you must be poor man.

Edit: sorry ment to say fighters not fps.

Edit2: I reiterate you must be very very poor if you cant afford a yearly fee of 50 bux. *infact if you purchase a card instore you get a month free so thats 13 months for 50 bux*

Skerj4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

How is he poor with a 360, a PS3, and broadband? I agree with him, my Gold sub expires next month and I'm not renewing it because I can play free elsewhere.


The only thing that'll make me renew my subscription is the same reason it's active right now: Street Fighter Anniversary and Phantom Dust. Maybe something else in the future but since all the multiplat games I want are coming to the PS3/PC with online intact, I decided to go that route for the time being. A lot of my friends are starting to pick up the system and the main people I play online with anyway already have one.

WilliamRLBaker4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

who knows, I kind of take him for a liar if he owns both systems and yet cant pay a yearly fee for 13 months of xbox live.

and you know you'll extend your subscription xbox live is vastly better then psn and thats proven time and time again.

edit: atleast a liar in the reason hes not gonna pay for xbox live *oh it costs too much* blah blah blah if you can afford both systems then you can afford a yearly payment of 50 bux. just admit you dont like the service and or dont own an 360 and are just a sonyfanboy in disguise.

season0074111d ago

Being able to pay for it doesn't mean willing to pay for it.
I could easily afford a 2000usd backpack but i don't want to get it since i just think its not for me...if i don't use it why pay for it
same for xbox live

RudeSole Devil4111d ago

Bull!!! why do we need to pay $50 a year. Thats nothing for Microsoft, I agree should be free. Especially dealing with malfunctioning systems, and sending them back for over a month. Free online membership would be a good start for pissed off costumer's.

WilliamRLBaker4111d ago

you dont need gold to download and purchase SF2HD you only need FREE silver.

which doesn't make alot of sense since his reasonsing to not further his xbox live presence is because it costs too much but it seems like more of his reason is tied to the fact he doesn't like being charged...
so his reason of not geting SF2HD for 360 is because of the 50 dollar a year charge doesn't apply since you dont need gold to get it.

Skerj4111d ago

Of course you don't need Gold to download the game, how about playing it online though? Which is what he was referring to.

season0074111d ago

I find it funny when you are happy because you don't have to pay for A to buy B
and yet you are still happy when you have to pay for A to get full feature of B

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