Xbox 360 and Halo 3 Blow Away the Competition as Industry Sales Skyrocket 74% - NPD

Wow, what a month - total sales hit $1.36 billion as Master Chief led the charge. The Xbox 360 managed to top all, but the Wii still had its second best month ever and the DS and Zelda also fare quite well. NPD analyst Anita Frazier remains very bullish on 2007 and she thinks Xbox 360 will carry its momentum throughout the holidays.

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power of Green 4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

Xmas shopping has recently just started just wait untill the Bundles come, many are probably waiting for them just as the Analyst projected and with Mass Effect and other hits releasing from now untill late into 2008 that I know of" the 360 looks to be in good shape.

If MSFT drops the other $50 in a price cut just before Xmas as I think they've planed the 360 will do well.

EDIT below...

Mass Effect doesn't have to big like Halo its not even released but the whole god dam industry and anybody thats heard of it and willing to buy a 360 will buy it because its an very highly anticipated title that has won dozens of rewards. Why do people even more so with PS3 fans think games can not be successful unless its in its 3rd interation and or console.

bluebrad19744021d ago

360 will do well all through the holiday season. If my kid is anything to go by, all of his friends at school want 360's and Halo 3. 360 has become the "cool" game system.

power of Green 4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

What you said in the end of your post is so important to a console company its almost on par or as important as the price of the console and its games themselfs.

This is what I'v been saying, Console companies have to win over mainstream popular opinion along side price and game's factors. This is why I think it will be tuff for 360's competition" after 360's competition releases their heavy hitters. 360 is being kwown as the PS2 of this generation due to the games stradegy MSFT has implemented.

unlimited4021d ago

Mass Effect isnt big like HALO 3. This is the big game for the 360 now its out the way you cab expect sales slowing down...

ktchong4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

There are people who are waiting for Mass Effect to buy an Xbox 360.

Just go check out the BioWare forums.

And don't tell me BioWare games aren't worth anything. EA has just paid $860 mil for it. Even if you want to take half of that, (even though Pandemic isn't even as high-profile as BioWare,) that's still $430 mil and a lot of money.

Kuest4021d ago

Round Peg, I practically wept with joy while reading your post. So true, so true.

JsonHenry4021d ago

Just like with ANY console - the games are what is pushing the system forward.

I have not been disappointed with my Xbox 360 yet. Microsoft has really made sure we gamers are getting the games we want.

jcgamer4021d ago

I agree bro...I've had some fun and memorable times on my 360...

Xi4021d ago

doesn't really matter if mass effect is big, it will still score well, and when readers see that, they'll see another game that the 360 has in it's lineup if they run out of something to play. It's another great score, and another great game for the 360. After all it's those new IP's that get new gamers.

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ktchong4021d ago

"Halo 3 won't sell any Xbox 360. Everyone who wants to play Halo 3 has already bought an Xbox 360."

unlimited4021d ago

you know how many xbots bought another 360 scared that the old one might crap on helped the sales alright.. its amazes people buy another 360 after their dies out..which is completley stupid..

sjappie4021d ago

you get it repaired and you get it back.

PopEmUp4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

you get it repair you get it back, so true you'll end up having 3 since you brought an extra 2 before the fix return smart move

ericnellie4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

To sit back and dog the one thing that's bad about any console is a sign of weakness.
- the 360 had reliability issues 4 months ago
- the PS3 has crap in the software department
- the Wii has crap for graphics

Let's focus on what's cool about each. No one is perfect!!!!!!!!!
-- the 360 has a great line-up of software -- AWESOME
-- the PS3 has the latest in technology and a blu ray player -- SWEET
-- the wii is cheap and my wife loves it -- FAMILY FUN...YAY

call it what it is...that's why I call fanboys like you "really f-ing stupid" the funny thing's you guys that are missing out on all the good stuff...Heavenly Sword, Halo 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect, ratchet and clank, zelda, and metroid. Being thick headed only disables you...being a fanboy; you're the one that's missing out.

u got owned4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

@ 2.1

Yeah is as stupid as buying a console with no games...

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AllanWakker4021d ago

LOL! Halo 3!

Crappy AI
No dedicated servers
Crappy 16 player max for multiplayer
Crappy 640p resolution - can't even run in HD
Jaggies, jaggies, jaggies!
Hideous last gen looking engine - shiny metal, LOL!
50 dollars every damn year just play the turd online

All the same Xbots who stood in line for the last crappy Halo game stood in line again.

The hundreds of millions of gamers who didn't give a crap about Halo last gen continue to not give a crap about Halo this gen.

ozsman4021d ago

you were dropped as a baby eh?

jcgamer4021d ago

if you dislike 360 so much, why is your name so similar to the 360 exclusive Alan Wake? It's as if you had a written SCRIPT of what you were going to say REGARDLESS of 360 and Halo 3 dominating the sad...

snoop_dizzle4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

"The hundreds of millions of gamers who didn't give a crap about Halo last gen continue to not give a crap about Halo this gen."

i swear i have heard this line before.

Stella is that you?

maybe I'm just hearing things.

And whats funny is apparently it did, even if it didn't deserve the hype it got.

Kuest4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

Music to my ears. Please, go on.

ElementX4021d ago

The last thing this site needs is another [email protected]

Douglasp4021d ago

AllanWakker wont be playing ALAN WAKE when it comes out on X360. But we all know what he will say "I have a quad core intel and a 8800ultra to play it on PC so who needs the xbox.. XBOX SUCKS".

progx4021d ago

I'd be pissed too if I paid $600 and had sh*t to play. I see your hating on Halo, so original. Just shut the f**k up and play your multiple FLOPS.

ArmrdChaos4021d ago

He is a little irritated after getting his a$$ handed to him while trying to play [email protected]

lawman11084021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

Lair anyone? how about 6 hours of Heavenly sword? what about all 200,000 who bought Warhawk? ONLY good game is Fall of man and THAT LACKS because of no rumble.

MGS4 will be on the 360 because the game company is not going to pass on 12 million people with 360's buying it and the same with Final Fan.

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remix4021d ago

the ps3 wasnt outsold by that much then. but in all seriousness, i didnt expect halo 3 to sell as many consoles as this. i knew it would be ALOT BUT NOT THIS MUCH. the ps3 will close the gap alittle with the price cuts and still microsoft cant seem to get japan. but DAG that was a good freakin month for microsoft

ElementX4021d ago

How can you use VGFarts as a reliable source? I heard somewhere that European sales numbers aren't released. Maybe I'm wrong, if so, please correct me.

bung tickler4021d ago

you cant close a gap when you are ALWAYS selling les then the other guy... even if its sell more than the month before its still LESS than the other guy so the gap get BIGGER not SMALLER.... see. the ps3 will be in last for a very very very long time even if it does start selling more.... it will still be 3rd for a very very long time.

jack who4021d ago

bu bu b u bu u bu bu bu buu halo 3 is not a system seller

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