Mario Kart 3D to have a ton of new elements?

Looks like the beloved Mario Kart series will be receiving a ton of new features when it speeds its way onto the Nintendo 3DS...

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Phil40002726d ago

I just hope they tone down the blue shells...

HolyOrangeCows2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

It almost sounds like you want Mario Kart to take a little bit of skill.

Don't be a fool, you! Nintendo hasn't made any improvements since Double Dash, and that's the way they aim to keep it! Have you no sensitivity to tradition?!

apollo062726d ago

I hear ya.... or have players be able to avoid them somehow (not easily)....

NESpower2726d ago

I'll be buying this the first day on

RedPawn2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

No more auto red shell
Bring back feather
No pow block
add Sonic, Link, Tetra, Kirby, & Tingle as racers
track breaks
changing weather
all new tracks
No Bullet bill or ink
Lighting can't hurt you in mid air.
Manueverable kart in air.

Regardless of my list I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Stephen55432725d ago

It's called "Mario Kart" which would imply only Mario characters. They would have to change the name to something like "Nintendo Kart" for you to see multiple characters outside of the Mario universe to be in it(still wouldn't justify Sonic...regardless of Mario & Sonic Olympic Games)

RedPawn2725d ago

Pac-Man was in the Arcade Edition of Mario Kart, and the name didn't change.

Sonic was in Smash Brothers, w/Snake, and the name didn't change.

You have to think about who is hosting the game and nothing has to change, simple as that.

Stephen55432723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Again I said that I couldn't see MULTIPLE characters outside the Mario universe in a game with "Mario" in the title.(Also, before going further you should note that the Arcade version was done with NAMCO's aid of course you'd see them put in one of their characters) Did I mention Smash Bros? No. It's not called "Mario Fighting Game" or even "Nintendo Fighting Game" it's just called "Super Smash Bros" Don't bring up stuff that's unrelated to my post, I never said anything about characters in that game. I said that it's hard to see a game called "Mario Kart" having multiple characters outside of the Mario universe. Which so far every Mario sports game has not, it's only been Mario characters, which completely coincides with it's name. Do I have a problem with them releasing characters outside of Mario? No. Do I think it will happen? Not outside of 1 or 2 as long as the name stays the way it is. The franchise is based off of Mario, and until they change that (which would mean also stripping the name "Mario Kart" because it wouldn't make a flippin lick o' sense) we won't see characters outside of Mario in the game. Don't get hostile with me just because my comments make statements about how your ideas wont come into fruition with Mario Kart 3DS.

RedPawn2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Sorry not mad at, I could care less personally, hostile "OK" cause I was dwelling on being a complete fanboy nutjob like 95% of this site.

1. I Know the arcade Mario Kart was done by namco.

2. You'll find Final Fantasy characters in the DS game, Mario Hoops 3 on 3.

3. If I was being an ass you'd know, the reply was for simply to state ideas we could finally see, instead of the same standard ideas. Nintendo has a new system, and it's time to step to games innovation like ModNation, but bring back some of the basic elements.

Stephen55432722d ago

Ok, then I'm completely sorry for making assumptions, because even though I do disagree with your statements actually happening, I do like them.

@2...Square Enix developed both Mario Hoops and Mario Sports Mix.

RedPawn2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I understand, trust me wasn't trying to come off like a poo poo head (LOL), I post a lot of comments for innovation in games, not graphics.

Yes I write stories for games something fierce, have been doin it for years, LOL.

@2. Yes sir, just like I can't wait for the next Alpha Dream- Mario & Luigi game.

I love stellar games from whatever system I can get them on, been gaming for to long to wrap my head around some of the nonsense that is said around here.


Stephen55432722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Alpha Dream and Square Enix are different kinds of companies. Alpha Dream is a company that's in partnership with Nintendo and has only made games for Nintendo. Square Enix is a third party company that is bound to put in their little easter eggs to say "hey go buy our games if you are interested in these characters". Just sayin, that saying that your looking forward to Alpha Dream making Mario & Luigi is pretty much like saying you're looking forward to Nintendo making it. At least it's a heck of a lot more like saying Nintendo is making it then Square Enix, because, technically at this point Alpha Dream is a part of them.

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Shnazzyone2726d ago

No bikes, more weapons, nice track tweaks. These are what i want when nintendo says anything like that.

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