Next Assassin's Creed is 'likely another Brotherhood'

CVG - The next Assassin's Creed game - which is being teased right now - is likely to be "another slimline Brotherhood-style offering", Xbox World 360 says in its latest mag.

In the E3 rumour section of its latest issue - which goes on sale properly on May 10 - XBW says Assassin's Creed 'Revelations' is "unlikely" to be the full AC3 we've been waiting on - but suggests that game is also secretly in the works.

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Ahasverus2776d ago

While I would like to complain and talk about "milking a franchise" I can't, Brotherhood was awesome, AC is just getting better (in terms of gameplay) with each game, I just can't complain with getting more if they keeo the quality.

BK-2012776d ago

The gameplay got worse to me. That one-hit kill chain made the game way too easy.

Eamon2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I disagree. The one-hit kill chain was good because in the previous games when you had 20 enemies to fight it would get a bit tedious to deal with them all. The difficulty wasn't in fighting enemies as that was always easy since AC1 but in the assassination missions themselves.

Also, an assassination target would usually run away while guards are dealing with you so this way it made it faster to deal with the guards then run after the target.

Brotherhood was a harder game if you decided to get 100% synchronisation which I did for every mission.

BK-2012775d ago

Why the hell would you be fighting that many enemies at once if you are an assassin who is supposed to be using stealth? Thats why I get mad at the gameplay. You're more like a supersoldier tank knight than a stealthy sin.

RememberThe3572776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I agree. There are still some annoyances but I love Assassin's Creed. I wanna be pissed about milking but the games are dope.

As you can see there are still haters, and that cool, but I can hate on the series. Ubisoft is doing a great job right now *conveniently forgetting all the shovleware*.


Although I don't disagree with you I'm still disappointed at Brotherhood. For me story is just as important as gameplay, maybe even more important in long single player games, I usually get bored at gameplay pretty fast but a half good narrative can keep me playing to at least end the first playthrough in almost any game.

AC is a franchise with the potential of a great book, but it's architeture demands the story to keep going in order to remain interesting and relevant... It's not that the story in Brotherhood was mediocre, it was ok, but it was almost irrelevant for the franchise, it was stagnated as a story for Desmond and the Assassins story except for the ending... which I felt like it could easily had all been done on AC2 with more 2 hours in the game and would even make AC2 a more intense game by the ending.

I never cared to play more after finishing it, barelly touched the MP too, I was tired of that same setting...

DarkSpawnClone2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

yeah i agree AC just keeps getting better and better with every game but i want to play as Desmond and do some cool stuff in the modern world lol

BushLitter2776d ago

I agree with Ahasverus 100%. Assassin's Creed just gets better and better. I love the story, and can't wait for the next episode.

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tdogchristy902776d ago

I do love AC so I'm always excited about more. But on the other hand, releasing to many games will ruin the story. Sometimes in order to keep the continuity of the story in tact, you need to know when to quit.

noxeven2776d ago

While i would enjoy another brotherhood type game the issue i have is when sin 3 finally does come out will hold up to all the others

guigsy2776d ago

The only reason why people don't perceive Brotherhood as a full installment because it's the same setting as AC2. Brotherhood was just as good quality as AC2 if not better.

Ahasverus2776d ago

The only thing Brotherhood lacked was story, let's face it, it was lame, there was no real "villain" to hunt (Cesar appeared in 3 cutscenes) and neither there was a strong motivation (and it didn't help when we were forced to contact the three factions separately losing all the story focus). It felt bad because AC2 had one of the best narratives ever encountered in the vgworld (just think about its scope, 30 years!)

Eamon2775d ago

True, Ezio's story in Brotherhood wasn't as great as Ezio's story in AC2.

However, Desmond's story was much more focused on in Brotherhood than AC2 which is a good thing and what everyone wanted, right?

KingDustero2776d ago

If this is another "Brotherhood" like game than that means they must be doing something quite amazing with AC3.

Just think of BF3. The BCs where just there to help the wait for it and give the devs more time to make BF3 ground breaking. I have a feeling AC3 is getting the same treatment.

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