InFamous 2 launch schedule unaffected by PSN closure

The closure of PSN following a security breach which saw hackers gain access to the personal data of millions of gamers has had no detrimental effect on the launch schedule for Sucker Punch's inFamous 2, producer Brian Fleming has told

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Excalibur2724d ago

well yeah, I certainly hope the PSN still isn't still down by June 10th.

-MoOkS-2724d ago

They still haven't given an official date. Who knows how much longer it could be

LOGICWINS2724d ago

As long as they have it back up by June 7th, I'm good. I'm sure Sony isn't crazy enough to arrive at E3 with PSN down.

Rybakov2724d ago

i would hope knowing its a single player game

if socom hadn't come out already im sure that would have been pushed back due to the fact its made for online play...tho from what i understand the single player somehow ended up good

nycredude2724d ago

Single player somehow ended up good? it was always good. I don't know what these retarded reviewers were harking about. It was the socom of old in sp. I'm 75% through and it real good.

CynicalVision2724d ago

It may be a singleplayer game but it does have online elements (creating your own missions).

DWOM2724d ago

Mooks be quiet and gtfo of here...

On topic: I'm happy to hear Infamous 2 is on schedule

Game0N2724d ago

I highly doubt this outage will extend to June, however i will still stick to sony and tough it out!

Falaut2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Why would it? Unless this is some weird a** sh*t reverse physiology business ONLY to put up a headline with negative Sony undertones. With the shiz I've seen the past two weeks I wouldn't be surprised.

Regardless, good. These Infamous articles keep reminding me I have to pop the first one in and give it another run through seeing that there is a "continuation" option in the second using the 1st one's saves, or I've heard.

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