Do You Suffer From GROL? : "Today on the forums, a bunch of us who are fed up with the fact that every single Xbox 360 user who winds up getting the RROD (Red Ring Of Death), feels he just has to make a thread about it, all got together and decided (with VIP approval) to absolutely flood the forum with positive threads about our 360's still running strong."

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Blackmoses4022d ago

no matter what you do ...can't hide the truth. It's pretty comical actually, how everybody got on Sony over the PS2. How everybody complained that the laser's went out on them. It's was all good then, but low and behold the dreaded RROD issue is getting to much airplay. Systems have their problems get over it. It's not like it happens three to four times......
....oh yeah I forgot.

Mainman4022d ago

I kinda get the propaganda feeling, lol.

But hey, positive energy is always a good thing, I guess.

lawman11084021d ago

Why do people forget that PS2 had hardwear problems too? The 360 is so good and games so great that it was able to live thru the whole RROD when something like that on a crap system with NO GAMES ("hello sony") would have just died.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4021d ago

'Green Ring of Life'? LMAO. Please, give me a f-king break.

Lame, lame, lame....

marionz4021d ago

ive had no problems what so ever with my 360 and it gets used heaps, mine gets about as warm as the ps3 and that it, my friends xbox gets quite hot though

so yeah ive had a blast with halo 3 bioshock and gears plus all the other games ive played, dont believe ive had no problems with my 360 then check my achievements KasperNZ

to all the people that have had sorry but blame MS, yes the games on 360 are great but the company sucks

bootsielon4021d ago

But I suffered already 3 times from RROD, not to mention dead scratched disc twice, and dead HDD twice; I never experienced anything like that with any other console; not even the PS2 (hilarious that you mention it, since its rate of failure, if it even existed, was not as high as 33% i.e. as Xbox 360's failure rate), so I hope you choke for making fun of RROD sufferers, you stupid fanboy.

Twizlex4021d ago

I think the big difference here between the 360 and PS2 failures is the fact that Microsoft admitted there was a problem. My original Playsation died on me, but it wasn't that bad because I ended up getting a Dualshock version to replace it. My PS2, however, died on me 3 times, and I had to pay to replace it each time because Sony claimed it was my fault and not theirs. The 360, in the 2 years I've had it, gave me the Red Ring once, and it was fixed for free. Yes, Microsoft sucks and the 360 is unreliable, but at least I don't have to keep paying for it.

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rsebes4022d ago

LooK! Nobody has replied that they have suffered from having a fully functional xbox 360!(GROL)
I'm just kidding you guys and gals. please don't disagree with my comment; for that matter please don't agree either! :)

ozsman4022d ago

than i agree to disagree with ya :P

spammy_nooo4022d ago

HAHA GOTCHA!!! I agreed! sucker.....


Kenshin_BATT0USAI4022d ago that is really really gay. There should be no term for a system working like it should.

jessupj4021d ago

but it's such a miracle when it does work that they have to scream it from the mountains. can anyone see the irony in this and this article?

WafflesID4022d ago

/me grabs popcorn and waits for the sony crew to show up.

Lord knows this doesn't have anything to do with the PS3 so of course they will HAVE to chime in ...

Snukadaman4022d ago

Having had 3 rrods with 2 systems isnt that bad of a percentage. The 3 year warranty helped in me not giving up on them. But you better belive when it comes close too my 3 years im putting a towel on my console and getting a new one. Like no one else though of that?

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