Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Jack's defense of Sony makes us sick

Right on the heels of Sony's recent announcement that it is creating another SKU to confuse the market comes a couple of interviews that Sony hopes will finally clear the air about its stripped down 40GB console: Enter Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony's American division. Speaking with Newsweek's N'Gai Croal and a couple suits at the Wall Street Journal, good old Jack did the usual song and dance routine that Sony is known for, when asked a few questions about the decision to lower the price point of the PS3, while simultaneously removing the one thing gamers thought they could always depend of getting from Sony -- backwards compatibility. After all, they pretty much pioneered the stuff... right?

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Violater4017d ago

a story approved by almost everyone on my ignore list.
Kudos, turds of a feather....

segasage4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

but not gimp it.

if this was the 60 gig model coming down in price while not introducing no new Skus that would of fared better.

no reason why you should take important functions out, OK if you add them that is fine, sony never been known to DOWNGRADE their SKu's.

well have we ever seen more than one SKU from Sony in the first place>?

Probably not confusing to hardcore fanboys on here but the less informed casual gamer. You come out with a 20 gig without wifi for $399 now you have a 40 gig without BC for the same price? while the 60 gig still around and a 80 gig will go cheaper at the same price..

Does that make sense?

funny what competition do to ya

remember I come on here and know all this stuff thats going on. it's probably not as bad as it seems but sony never been the one to need extra sku's. choice is ok but when MS did it , it was the worst thing in the world.

PS3 Limps on and on4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

"Right on the heels of Sony's recent announcement that it is creating another SKU to confuse the market"

Excuse me? I thought they were trying to make the PS3 more affordable.

Trying to screw people by putting out a $399 sku, that comes bundled with Spider-man 3 in High Defintion. How evil of them...

Adamalicious4017d ago

Preach it man. Seriously.

Cat4017d ago

yes, chaos will reign now that the market has been thrown in SKU confusion: people turn down lower prices in favor of a simpler, SKU-minimized universe.

wil4hire4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

The cheap ps3 has no BC. IIRC Sony still supports the PS2, and they are readily available to purchase if you really want to play PS2 games, or just buy the more expensive one.

I dont buy a honda civic expecting it to perform like an Aston martin V8 Vantage which is maxed out with options..

I dont buy an ipod nano expecting it to have more features than the Ipod touch.

I dont buy a steak at Sizzlers and expect it to be as good as Flemming's.

I dont expect people that don't even on a ps3 to understand that most people who are aware of the extensive ps2 library already have one.

I dont expect people that dont even have a ps3 to understand that the consumer that really wants to play old ps2 games would buy the more expensive version.

For F's sake were people really waiting on buying an 149.99 Dollar PS2 On the heels of a PS3 Price drop of 399.99? Like THAT is what is going to turn them away from the cheap entry ps3, that they cant play PS2 games on it..

360 owners, are you guys already done with Halo3? Stop hating on the PS3's price drop. Sony clearly cant do anything right in your eyes. The price argument has just flown oout of the window.

Wifi/Hd/Bluetooth/Bluray. 399.

Dareaver14017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

maybe everyone is not rich, and they are using their tired PS2's to put towards the purchase of a ps3. How about those customers? And let's not forget the benefits for playing PS2 games on the 60gig PS3, can we say upscaling please. Who wouldn't appreciate that. Come on now, i could understand defending the PS3, but not Sony, this is a move in the wrong direction. Especially since this was one of their highly toted promises (they knocked M$ hard for not having a complete BC.) I think those people would feel jaded.

I'm waiting to get a PS3, Uncharted has got me stoked, and R&C. Plus i still haven't played God of War 2, and i just started playin' Shadow of the Colossus (great game, watching "Reign Over Me" got me interested.) I would love to use my PS2 towards the purchase of a PS3, why have two machines when i can have one that does it 10x better. Come on.... I'm really upset, because i was looking forward to a price cut. Now i still have to opt for the $500 model.

Hey, if you DISAGREE, then let me know why. I thought my argument was very logical (well to me it makes sense.) But how can you argue the fact that one machine that does everything better, is not better than getting two machines....?

ruibing4017d ago

I agree. I don't see why they are so upset or outraged by this, does this have that much to do with their 360 experience?

UnasFortuna4017d ago

Putting PS2 towards the PS3 model??? Do you really expect someone to get much money from a trade-in on a PS2??? Do you know how bad people get ripped off on trading in merchandise such as that to the likes of Gamestop, etc....?

Tsalagi4017d ago

They aren't ripping you off at Gamestop they are bending you over the counter and dry running it to you. The trade in value on a PS2 is $30 and $20 for an original Xbox. Then they pay you in crumpled up old dollar bills and throw you out on the street without even a kiss and never call the next day. 8D

*For those with no sense of sarcasm/humor - Gamestop is rip off.*

kevin11224017d ago

Have you ever heard of putting away some money from paychecks a few months ahead of time so you can afford what you want.

Dareaver14016d ago

fine, defend it all you want, but all you are showing is your own ignorance. The BC PS3s upscale the games to make them look better, i would consider that a plus, not only that, the benefit is not having to buy two joysticks for the other console, then you have space, who wants all that clutter, not only that. Sony made BC a staple in the PS3 philosophy. That is going back on your word. And then to tell me to go and buy a separate, technologically inferior machine. That is a very arrogant maneuver. Everyone can use the excuse "set aside a little money" but the world is not that perfect. Sorry if all gamers aren't as financially savvy as you are Kevin1122, but i'm being realistic. Who would want to buy a separate machine. That makes no sense no matter how you try to spin it. That still leaves the consumer jaded. keeps the clutter around, and deprives them of the enhancements it has made. I heard PS3 fans and Fanboys alike rave about the upscaling of PS2 games. Who wouldn't want that feature?

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riqued4017d ago

If people is interested in BC buy the 80Gb, Sony is not forcing customers to buy the cheaper sku

actionjackson4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

Exactly! I couldn't agree more. Frankly, I'm a bit frustrated to hear this kind of news. This is the first time, as far back as I can remember, that I hear people complain on every little move a company has made. What does Sony owe the industry? They have provided almost 15 years of great gaming experience, and for some reason, people feel that Sony has to give them all for nothing. Every corner Sony has turned, they have been bashed (and hard at that). They provided the most cutting edge console, people complained that the features weren't extensive in the XMB. They provided multiple firmware updates, people complained there are PSN lacks a lot of content. They release new content weekly, people complained there are no games. They are releasing good games, people complain the price is too high. They introduce a lowered price version of the PS3, now the complaint is it doesn't include backwards compatibiliy, oh, and it's a new SKU. Also, weren't people complaining that Blu-Ray, Hard drive, and HDMI are not needed this generation? Can you imagine what would have happened it they left one of those features out? WOW. Just a question, when does it end? If people do not like the product, then don't buy it. Frankly, Sony has repeatedly answered the cries of the public and have provided them with everything within a years time. I own two other consoles, the Wii and the X360, and wonder why Sony is always taking the heat. Why aren't other companies getting crucified like Sony does. There are two other companies in this industry. One has produced a system with great games, but the hardware has been one of the biggest catastrophes in recent hardware history (X360). The other provided a new dimension to gaming, at a lower price point, but does not have any games for it (Wii). MS provided multiple SKU's and everyone said it's all about providing options. MS caused more unprecedented confusion to this industry than ever before. For the first time in history, a company has made us consumer believe that we can worship a defective product. I thought the defect rate issue was going to be the defining news of this generation of consoles, but it's almost all but forgetten. That just floors me. Now people complain about different SKU's. Not only did MS start this whole different SKU thing, each SKU had completely different hardware in it. Then Sony removes one thing (BC) from the low end version to cut cost for the consumer (while keeping all the best features of next gen gaming), still provides BC in the high end version, and this is an issue? Seriously? Aren't there better things to complaim about than a company trying their best to provide everyone with good home entertainment experience?

Bazookajoe_834017d ago

Is there only one 360 Sku? are they not gonna make another one?

SofaKingReetodded4017d ago

that's exactly what came to mind when I read that xbot garbage.

bunch of hypocrites if they are gamers, but in reality I think the most venomous xbots on this site are nothing but MS marketing trolls.