"May the 4th be with you" - The Best & Worst Star Wars Games

On this, Star Wars Day, XG247 takes a look at the very best and very worst games that the franchise has produced over the years...

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Thrungus2724d ago

I could totally go for some 'Old Republic' right now!

Jellzy2724d ago

'Old Republic' is easily the best Star Wars game in the franchise.

It's a good list... However I would replace 'Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi', with 'Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike'.

Oschino19072724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Wouldnt the game have to already be out and being played by thousands/millions of people before you can claim it as the best, why are people so quick to announce best ever before things are even released. Maybe its the fanboy hype clouding your mind or maybe just a prisoner of moment thing, but until you played and beat it dont claim anything about it being easily the best...

Now speaking from what i have played, mostly console and only a few pc games i would say Battlefront 2 by a landslide, it had me hooked and replaying more then any of the others, was much more hoping for a Battlefront 3 before a MMORPG. Really have to question if all the investment in that and not other stars wars games will really end up worth it in the end, would rather play something for free then pay a subscription and IMO no Stars Wars games worth playin this gen on console and not buying a pc to play a MMORPG w/subscription. Love stars wars and been into it (mostly just movies) my whole life but no enough to invest that much into a game based around it.

My bad if you are talkin about "Knights", i easily get both confused.

Thrungus2724d ago

I'd also say that the Jedi Knight series could be seen as the start of the SW game franchise - I loved Jedi Outcast!

Jellzy2724d ago


My apologies, I indeed meant Knights of the Old Republic. Assumed that's what Thrungus was meaning and just typed 'Old Republic', had actually forgotten that that was what the Star Wars MMO was called.

Anyway now that you've brought it up I would also like to heap praise on Battlefront 2. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to play it online and only played online via the PSP version Renegade Squadron.

p.s. I tend to stay away from fanboy inclusive articles... Just an honest mistake. :)

cleaverslips2724d ago

Yoda Stories... Remember that well. I always was a sucker for Supremacy and TIE Fighter myself.

2724d ago
Danielmccue2724d ago

ummm jedi kinght academy 3?

Thrungus2724d ago

I could go for a sequel to Jedi Knight Academy!

antauwnehart2724d ago

Is star wars still relevant? Please not trolling but those new movies and that the force unleashed series were pretty bad!

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The story is too old to be commented.