Interviews with Four “Potato Sack” Developers on the Portal 2 ARG

"With Portal 2 released, it might be easy to forget about the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) surrounding the game the week before it’s launch. I want to take another look at it before we leave it behind."- Bedivere

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Nicodumas2724d ago

Amazing! This is why PC gaming is awesome. Developers can get away with some really awesome ideas and the community jumps in to help.

maxcavsm2724d ago

Wow! Nice get, and Dan Amrich talking about Activision doing an ARG?

Del6732724d ago

An Activision ARG could be interesting, but it would definatly have to be the right game.

TheStonedSheep2724d ago

Oh god, I can just hear the complaints! "But Activision is benefiting too, which means that we lose, blah blah blah. "

AmigoSniped2724d ago

The ARG was a fascinating thing to follow while it was going on. It's just as interesting following it after the fact

JATOSIN2724d ago

I wish more developers would do these kind of things to include their communities, instead just sitting in the big leathers chairs and collecting our money then forgetting about us.

Nicodumas2724d ago

But if to many do it, then it will be old hat! We dont want that do we?

maxcavsm2724d ago

Suppose you're right; and let's face it, how many publishers/devs could pull something like this off as fluidly as Valve? Maybe Rockstar?

Skyliner122724d ago

I dunno, I don't think it's the developers that are sitting in leather chairs petting cats and counting their money as much as it is the publishers.

solar2724d ago

Great read!! what i liked most is how freely Valve wanted to help out these indie devs. Valve truely believes that gaming should be fun and stresses giving us all the oppourtunites to get these games at a good price.

maxcavsm2724d ago

Man, I love me some Valve.

Fir3truck2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

More gaming companies should have Valve's view of gamers, as Allies that help make the games better, and not just wallets they try to suck dry.

Del6732724d ago

If only Sony or Microsoft were to do anything close to some of the Steam sales they could increase there rep by leaps and bounds.

solar2724d ago

they wont. they have shareholders to answer to and promoting other IPs they dont own wouldnt sit well.

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