Two Worlds is One Big Hit

No it's not a million seller, but considering Two Worlds was released in a month with BioShock, Madden 08 and Metroid Prime 3, it certainly held its own. GameDailyBIZ takes a look at Polish developer Reality Pump's "Oblivion imitator" to see what went right for this massive RPG.

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predator4022d ago

was this game any good, few people on my friends list had it, i know it got some bad reviews but i would like a opinion of someone who is a rpg fan like my self?

fjtorres4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

Its not horrible.
A fair score would be a 6.5-7.
Not great, but there are some fun things to fool around with. The object combination and elemental gem upgrades are nice gear-boosting mechanics that deserve being copied in other RPGs. Its no Oblivion but they had the right idea is several areas; the coding just fell a bit short for an action RPG and the story fell well short of a pure story RPG.

Two big problems:
1- voice acting runs from decent (at best) to hilariously awful. Brits in particular may be offended by some of the fake accents. ;-)
2- the graphics are too ambitious for the game engine and the frame rate rarely hits 30. Generally it seems to run in the mid 20's. If you aren't sensitive to flicker--I'm not--its playable enough to fill the WRPG void until Mass Effect explodes next month.
The game itself plays out a lot like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance but in Oblivion-like wide open world.
If the game were selling for $30 it might rate a bit higher (7.5) but at $60 you have to be a real RPG fan.

The good news of the decent sales is that maybe they'll be able to afford to code a patch for the darn thing. If you do get it (I rented before buying) remember to flush the cache every time you start (holding the green button until the Two World logo appears).
Once I started doing that the game's instability went away.

socomnick4021d ago

Its definetely a rent I got to trade in my copy asap for mass effect.

JsonHenry4021d ago

I played the game on the PC and the Xbox 360... I could not stand it on either platform.

It is not horrible, just not fun. And if I am playing a game, I want it to be fun.

Speaking of fun, I am back off to play the Hellgate London beta some more.

the worst4022d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

what ever

segasage4021d ago

this game suckeed but i seem to find people that are enjoying this game. is it being over looked by early issues?

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The story is too old to be commented.