Top 5 Games We’d Like to See Launch With Wii 2

Game Rant writes, "The Wii 2/Project Cafe/Nintendo Stream is coming and it will be shown as well as playable at E3. Awesome. The system itself is supposed to launch in 2012. Sweet. But what games are going to launch with it? Based on the recent 3DS launch, Nintendo has likely learned the importance of high profile titles on day one. Sure the 3DS is an impressive piece of hardware but, without great games to move the system, a lot of fans seem willing to sit on the sidelines until the must-have software comes out.

Why deal with that problem again for Nintendo’s upcoming home console? Why not launch it with great games on day one? With that in mind, check out our top 5 list of games we’d like to see launch with Nintendo’s next console."

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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

a new nintendo game series. nintendo makes alot of money by using the same series on every platform. it makes them iconic but i still want an amazing nintendo game that isn't mario or zelda and i think it's about time

Valk2723d ago

Why? You'd just ignore them like you have the ones this generation and the last two before it also it seems.

Fora guy with a name like that you sure don't know much about them.

Cruel_Aib2724d ago

wtf top 5 game and no super smas bro fail

Venox20082724d ago

COD?!?!? you are kiddin' , right? :)

sloth33952724d ago

nintendo hasnt said its a Wii 2 so i dont get why site keep calling it that

koh2724d ago

What would you call it?

ChickeyCantor2724d ago


Thats how i would call it.
I mean no one said N64-2 for gamecube, but then again Dolphin was the project name so people eventually started using that.

So why not call it Cafe?

koh2724d ago

Well N64-2 doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but Wii2 is just a convenient way to refer to a product with no set name yet. It makes it clear to anyone what you are talking about. If you call it Cafe in an article you probably will still need to explain why you are calling it that for people who have not heard that code name. Call it whatever you want, but as a journalist, it would probably just be simplest to stick with Wii2 until something more concrete emerges.

ChickeyCantor2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

But calling it Wii2 is assuming it will be called Wii2 since Wii is an actual product name.
(PsX -Ps2- PS3?)
Usually journalists introduce the system by saying:
"Nintendos next console: Project Cafe"

This makes more sense since Wii2 implies its a new Wii iteration. And it isn't. People associate Wii with the wii-mote( motion gaming) and the Cafe is suppose to bring new stuff( while keeping the old stuff). It already confuses people making them think its another Gamecube upgrade.

I would say that a journalist should refer to it as Cafe or Stream.
Cause even in interviews with Reggie they kept asking about "wii2", of course Reggie will say No.( cause he is fooling us by taking Wii2 literally )

koh2724d ago

I guess I'd just call it Nintendo's next generation console and have it be clear to everyone

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