Official Dirt 3 PC Specs: You Gonna Need A New Rig

PCG has the official PC specs for Dirt 3. Codemasters recommends an Intel Core i7 amongst others. Get the rest after the jump!

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DeeZee2724d ago

No, my Asus G73 can handle this game, although the requirements are a little high.

imvix2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Lol AMD and Nvidia should forget about getting a sale from me, not until next consoles anyways. There hardly are any games require an upgrade.

DeeZee2723d ago

I couldn't agree more, it's like they're only encouraging unoptimized PC games.

imvix2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Its funny but they actually axed their own feet.

They sold about 80-90million chips on the Xbox and PS3 combined in about 5 years. Which is what they would be getting on PC in about 1.5 yrs(not integrated GPUs but discrete ones that are used for games).

Since consoles are very old and once when a buyer buys a console he wont be buying another chip for 7 -10years(unless the console fails).

Now since games wont progress graphically due to console limitations, its brought a point were upgrading PC hardware is not needed either. Hence previously a PC user(which is the bulk of Nvidia or AMDs customer) who needed to upgrade every 2 years to be able to play the latest games now probably will be fine until the next consoles are out (atleast for the majority of games anyways).

Hence effectively Nvidia and AMD have limited the sales of their products on the PC market for a small pie of chips they sold to the console market. Personally doesnt make sense to me to compromise the biggest market for a smaller market.

xtremegamerage2723d ago

I wouldn't upgrade for this game anyway,lol.

2723d ago
RedDeadLB2723d ago

This is just bullshit.. There is no way this game can have requirements this high. Somehow I doubt the new HD6000 series cards from ATI have already become obsolete.

imvix2723d ago

I would think a 4000series card or a 8800gtx should play the game fine in dx10.

For DX 11 5000series gpu like 5870 should be fine.

RedDeadLB2723d ago

Yeah, I have a HD4850 and was thinking the same thing, Dirt 2 maxed out runs like heaven, so Dirt3 should as well. Not much has or could have been changed since then.

Si-Fly2723d ago

i5 2500k @4.6ghz with a GTX570 ... hoping I should be okay as I only bought it 2 weeks ago lol.

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