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Over the last four years, Evolution Studios has creating visually stunning arcade racers for the PS3 in their fantastic Motorstorm franchise. But what was mind-blowing in 2007 is taken for granted in 2011. Does Motorstorm: Apocalypse meet today’s expectations? Motorstorm is back in the only logical place left on Earth. After traversing the dusty and muddy canyons, to the lush and tropical islands of the Pacific and the cold, wintery world of Alaska, the urban environment seems like the best place to go. Franchise staples such as mind-blowing speed, gut-wrenching turns, and intense action are all taken to the next level in the trilogy’s ultimate conclusion. Not only will you be competing with your opponents but against other people trying to ruin the entire race, and even Mother Nature herself. Sounds like a walk in the park, right?

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BigWoopMagazine2723d ago

This game looks great, I definitely want to try it out.

Boody-Bandit2723d ago

Mine should arrive today. Cant wait!

Sev2723d ago

This is a must own for anyone with a 3DTV. It's really something to see. Otherwise, it's still a good game, but the added 3D makes it a great game.

Lifewish2723d ago

not all of us are swimming in cash :)

Sev2723d ago

I do the back stroke in my money bin a la' Scrooge McDuck.

Lifewish2723d ago

well aren't you just special!!

T3mpr1x2723d ago

Yeah i played it in 3D at GDC, the effects are great! A 3D TV's price, however, not so much.