Why the DJ Hero Franchise Should Continue

Jaapster of Gamerstorm writes:

"DJ Hero, a game fit for an empire of clubs was sadly cancelled this year along with its brethren Guitar Hero. Find out why I think that the DJ hero franchise should continue, after the jump."

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nevin12752d ago

when I 1st played DJ Hero at GameStop (2009) i wasn't impress like I was with Guitar Hero( and even the drums). The mechanics didn't seem right.

NBT912752d ago

Me neither but, it does grow on you once you have it.
I did not really like Guitar Hero when I played that at the time it came out until I actually bought it.

Redempteur2752d ago

i agree the dj mecanics aren't as tight as the guitar parts of GH/RB . it's not as intuitive as most of the time isn't as precise/or forgiving as it should be .

The mics part in Dj hero were useless too can you chant when you don't know the yrics ( as they are mixed )

also the sequences of guitar + dj in the first game needed more work and to be more précise too .

Dj hero is a nice game with some cool mix but i dunno how many game it would have taken to get everything right even if dj hero 2 was a real improvement from DJhero 1