Playing Mortal Kombat online will not even work with PSN back online

Even when the PSN is back online, it seems there are big chances you can't play the game online.

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LOGICWINS2816d ago

"In the case of Mortal Kombat because there is a code that you must redeem for online play. Redeem This code goes through the PlayStation Store. The store is in contrast to the PSN this week is not online and will be offline for at least a few weeks."


Kingsora2816d ago

well if you are lucky you already redeemed the code, if not well...

Starhawk2816d ago

"Restoration of Online game-play across the PlayStation®3 (PS3) and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) systems
-This includes titles requiring online verification and downloaded games"

Ser2816d ago


Awesome! Great find. Totally excited to play MK9 online.

dericb112816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Are you can always go in to "Account Management" and then "Redeem Code". The store has been down and they have always had 2 way to use codes :)

-Access to account management and password reset

suicidalblues2816d ago

It amazes me that starhawk can find this info, and yet the "journalist" writing this article couldn't. It says something about gaming journalism, no?

Good job starhawk, kudos to you.

Soldierone2816d ago

Not only that but the game has an in-game way of getting to the code area. It completely bypasses the store entirely...

stevenhiggster2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Very good point. Thing is they probably had read that, they just wanted to start some sensationalist rumor for hits and hoped no one would catch them out.

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Rocket Sauce2816d ago

So is anyone still in love with online passes?

Kurylo3d2816d ago

yea I am.. im just out of love with sony. They messed up big time.

Baka-akaB2816d ago

come on , let's admit sony aside , that needing a store operational to play your game online is quite out there and ridiculous .

That's not a good way to do a pass , if there is any .

BeaArthur2816d ago

I don't know that anyone was ever actually in love with them.

Scyrus2816d ago

this is as bad as me needing to be online for killstreaks to work in offline splitscreen lol

and if u morons took the time to stop trolling and would read, when psn goes back up, anything requiring an online pass, redeem code or verication works. so your safe when it comes to this.

people need to do research daaaang

NiKK_4192816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Did you guys even read what starhawk wrote? This won't be a problem

"Restoration of Online game-play across the PlayStation®3 (PS3) and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) systems
-This includes titles requiring online verification and downloaded games"

Ricco-Warrior2816d ago

man no gives a crap about reading a wall text, just give me the cliffs note version

Hoje03082816d ago

@Cheeseknight28 How is getting hacked in any way similar to knowingly releasing a faulty product? Gotta love the fans that are dumb enough to stand by a shitty machine due to extended warranties.

Death2815d ago

"knowingly releasing a faulty product"

It amazes me that anyone can say something so ignorant and actually believe it. Microsoft spent over 1 billion dollars repairing launch systems after they extended the 360's warranty to three years. The money they lost when the brand image was tarnished can't be so easily measured. Still you feel Microsoft did this on purpose because they are an evil company. You also feel people who own the system are dumb for gaming on it.

It's kinda hard to argue with your logic. That's not a compliment either.


Hoje03082815d ago

The failure rate of that piece of shit leads me to believe that this is true. I've had one PS3 and most of my friends who are PS3 owners can say the same thing. I don't know a single 360 owner that has their original system.

Legion2815d ago


Now you do... I have 2 systems that are original. 1 my kids use and one in my gaming room that my nephews usually play. My 3rd unit is a newer(but still not too new)250gb model that I keep in my bedroom... but it isn't even the newer slimmed version.

And yes they are all linked via a SECURE lan system in my home. You want to be at my house for gaming night!

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xAlmostPro2816d ago

You can verify the code in-game, not only that sony stated when PSN is back games that require redeem codes or updates will still be playable

Colmshan19902816d ago

You can still update games now- I bought NBA 2K11 yesterday and it downloaded the patch when I put the disc in.

thethiny2816d ago

I have the Online-PASS via the Disc.

thedisagreefairy2816d ago

i still cant sign in with my ps3. it still says its undergoing maintenance.

SurfnUSA2816d ago

I hope PSN gets up soon, but I've been enjoying MK online on my 360.

Kurt Russell2815d ago

I bought it on xbox and it has been awesome. But to be honest there is so much single player Kontent that a bit of patience with the PS3 can't hurt none. The game is huge!

GameGambits2815d ago

Kingsora who submitted this should be ashamed. Fact check before you post bull shit or else go work for HipHopGamer----he'll welcome you with open arms into the world of pulling shit out of your ass.

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TomInc2816d ago

Damn =/ Really tempted to just pick up an Xbox copy and get rid of my PS3 one.

TomInc2816d ago

Fair point! I'm quite liking his inclusion

Focker4202816d ago

At first he felt really slow, but once you used to some of his combos hes a total badass. Definitely one of the funnest characters to use.

Istanbull2816d ago

Yeah you do that, wasting another 60 bucks just because you miss out on 1 week online play. Also the site doesn't work, not even the original link. Flamebait article much?

DevilishSix2816d ago

No need to understate things, it's been 2 weeks and counting now. Let's keep it real folks.

Denethor_II2816d ago

No D-pad or easy to press buttons.

PirateThom2816d ago

Under account management, you can enter the code... I mean, obviously this links to the store, but that may work just to register it against your name.

Kingsora2816d ago

Yes, but normally you download something from the Store when you redeem a code. And the Store is not there, so ...

Raoh2816d ago

Not if its on the disc. It just unlocks it.

BX812816d ago

Yeah I thought there was a place you could do it with out going into the store? Not that I care either way because I suck at fighting games. I'm not going online with MK I made that mistake with Super Street Fighter IV.

warrior99882816d ago

wow i havent redeemed my code .......

bestofthebest2816d ago

redeemed it on day one and got my klassics too