Sony looking for Senior Application Security Analyst

Gamingbolt: In the wake of the Playstation Network security breach, Sony has realized that their current security team isn’t competent enough and are therefore looking for a new security analyst to ensure that such events doesn’t take place in the future.

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rabidpancakeburglar2725d ago

Maybe I should apply for it, I have no experience but I really need a job

psb2725d ago

must have hired someone like you last time, and hence the results. I hope they find someone who actually KNOWS their job, this time around. :|

Fox012725d ago

They should have hired Geohot instead of suing him.

morkendo232725d ago

Sony looking for Senior Application Security Analyst

GET GEOHOTZ that'll keep his ass out of trouble with sony

b_one2725d ago

no one trust geohot anymore... atleast in Sony

jack who2725d ago

have a feeling sony will start seeing why xbl cost's too play online now

newn4gguy2725d ago

It costs because they're cheapskates.

Live has been hacked before, genius.

DWOM2725d ago

Yeah so any fanboyz should just shut the hell up...
XBL is a great service, but so is PSN (when it's up)

newn4gguy2725d ago

Exactly. They're both great services.

They aren't as good as Steam, but they are great. ^_^

The_Ultimate_Guy2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

@ newn4gguy

XBL has NOT been hack "genius" and I challenge you to submit any kind of proof. Personal accounts HAVE been hacked but were not done through XBL but rather through other online social networks by getting passwords or personal information in order to get access to the account on XBL. XBL has NOT been hacked to attain info, corrupt or access peoples accounts.

Get your facts straight.

death2smoochie2725d ago


XBL has never been hacked. The issues surrounding any accounts broken into were caused not through XBL itself but through other online services etc and passwords were taken or stolen or given from those.
No other system in recent memory has had their ENTIRE ONLINE service hacked and compromised TO THE DEGREE OF WHICH PSN HAS BEEN HACKED.
We are not talking about a few accounts. The entire service was hacked.
XBL never had this happen. Now saying that, it can happen to XBL as no online structure is safe. To think so is foolish.
But XBL has not been hacked in the same way as PSN

caseh2725d ago

@The_Ultimate_Guy XBL went down for a week or two a few years back. Around Christmas I believe, they offered a crappy free game as compensation.

The cause was more related to Microsoft failing to see the increased usage around holiday usage rather than hacking though.

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Ricco-Warrior2725d ago

shhhhh it's all supposed to be a secret and for the lol's

Dazel2725d ago

Horse and stable door spring to mind!

newn4gguy2725d ago

I wish they'd give it to I could find him easier.

Fox012725d ago

And then what, nerd him to death?

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