No 2011 launch for Darksiders 2, Devil's Third, Metro: Last light

The quarter four investor call for THQ revealed their line-up for calendar 2011 and some notables are missing, scheduled for next year and one next fiscal.

FY2012 has been in effect since April 1st and there's plenty on the roadmap except for MMO Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium which is due a release FY2013.

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Quagmire2724d ago

Darn, I was so hoping for a sequel to Darksiders soon, that game was ace, severely underrated.

BushLitter2724d ago

I agree, one of my favourite games in 2010.

"No....not alone"

Tdmd2724d ago

Still haven't played Darksided, and gor mixed feelings with the demo. I wonder if is still worthy, with so many new great titles to get.