THQ Suffers $44.1 Million In Losses For Quarter Ending March 31

THQ have posted their financial results for the quarter ending March 31. The company has suffered a loss of $44.1 million for the quarter, quite a big increase compared to the $10.4 million loss in the same period last year. Yearly losses were up to $136.1 million, far greater than that of last year's $9 million loss.

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Stuart57562727d ago

I'm sorry but these losses don't surprise me, in this current economic climate and generation of gamers you'de better have some big hitters! Stuntman? Saints Row 2? What have they got coming up? Metro 2034, good god that'll sell well. Soon be game over!

dannybohy2727d ago

thats what happens when you make cack games! simples!