Wipeout Trinity: What Could It Be?

IPC says: "Recently is was revealed that the domain “” has been registered by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and currently directs all users to the official PlayStation site.

Sites are often registered to secure the name of the game before its taken by a member of the public so its very likely that this is the new name for a new Wipeout game – so we speculate what Wipeout Trinity could actually be."

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2817d ago
digimau2817d ago

Wipeout PS1 or PS2 Collection HD?

Fulensenca2817d ago

I think it would be good ( I still have the first three exposed in my room and I love old tracks of the series ), but I would prefer a totally new Wipeout. A full track editor would be fantastic!

@ DukeN13: a killzone vibe would be very cool I think

Rhezin2817d ago

yup, agreed Fulen, a new Wipeout game would be supreme burrito. The DLC Fury was cool but it only added some new ships, tracks, and a couple music tracks but not a full game.

Fulensenca2817d ago

Yes, Fury was indispensable for a Wipeout fan, but as you said we need more especially now that 2 years have passed.

It' s definitely time for a new huge superfast Wipeout :D

I just hope for track and skins editor.