Is 8GB Large Enough For Nintendo’s Project Cafe?

Kotaku has reported that Nintendo’s next console may only have 8GB of flash memory included and no hard drive.
Much like the Nintendo Wii, it may seem like Nintendo’s next console may only appeal to casual offline gamers. Compared with the hard drive space that both the PS3 and Xbox 360 currently provides, 8GB sounds miniscule to the modern day gamer.

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Kain813492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

simple answer is NO!
there are portable devices, with more storage, i hope Nintendo has more than one SKU for the market, one with 8GB storage and one with more than 8GB...

GrieverSoul3492d ago

There is no "simple answer", there is only NO!
I agree with you man. I really hope Nintendo backs down on this decision and makes the new Wii with at least a 250gb hard drive. Developers will be pleased and gamers will rejoice. Put some media capabilities in it and you are set (photo, videos and web apps).

iamnsuperman3492d ago

I agree. I do not think Nintendo is that stupid to have just 8GB. The only reason if it is 8GB is if it is upgradable. Then it works both for casual (will not upgrade and do not need a big hard drive and is cheaper to sell) and good for the Hardcore (they are more likely to upgrade anyway). It might be a hidden added expense for the Hardcore. Only time will tell

hay3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

8GB would be enough if it was pure gaming console. Evolution of Nintendo's tech. I believe/hope it would be like Wii, DLC free, with built in storage for saves.
If so, Ninty would know how to hit the spot, f*ck yeah, they'd got my support.

iamnsuperman3492d ago

@Hay DLC free???? That isn't going to attract 3rd party developers which Nintendo need to do to become a hardcore console. They need support and having no DLC would be bad as more money is now being made from DLC

hay3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

@iamnsuperman: Wii owned this gen without DLC and most multiplats didn't land on it just cause it had inferior performance.
I hope Wii2 will free us from this money milking bullshit and will be a return to core gaming. When you bought complete game for 60 bucks, not when you had to pay to unlock content already on disc.

If they try to make it awfully easy to develop on, dev would balance the development with low costs instead of milking with DLC to get profit as on high dev cost consoles. It's possible. Don't limit yourself just because others do that. It's not always the best thing to do.

iamnsuperman3492d ago

@Hay the reason why it dominated was because it appealed to the casual market and so didn't need DLC but if the rumours are true and it is becoming more hardcore oriented then in needs the capacity for DLC. The lack of casual rumours suggests it will be Hardcore and Hardcore developers like the option for DLC because it makes them more money. Not having this option counters the idea that Nintendo need 3rd party to develop a hardcore gaming machine. I am sorry to say but when you live in a society built on capitalism then profit is everything Sadly DLC will always be apart of gaming because it generates a lot of money

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dantesparda3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

HELLS YEAH IT IS! YEEHAW!!! As a matter of fact, i think its too much. Nintendo Power!!!

p.s. Damn Nintendo is generous!

On a serious note though, if Nintendo thinks its gonna sell because of the Wii, then they may be in for a rude awakening. The NES was a big success against the SMS but the SNES struggled against the Genesis and the N64 & GC didnt do that well either, They got lucky with the Wii because 1.) it was so much cheaper than the 360 or especially the PS3 and 2.) The motion control was a new innovation for alot of people then. But i think that their success is getting to their heads. Wake up Nintendo, storage is cheap, dont be stupid

caseh3492d ago

'but the SNES struggled against the Genesis'

Thats not exactly true, it released at a later date to the Genesis but still sold approx. 20mil more units than the Genesis.

Think of the millions of people who love Nintendo and own a Wii,the same people who may have no idea what HD is or what storage is for that matter. Its not gonna make a difference to these people, as long as they get what they want...a successor to the Wii.

dantesparda3492d ago

"Think of the millions of people who love Nintendo and own a Wii"

The same could have been said about Sony with the PS2 going onto the PS3 and look what happened there. None of this is ever guaranteed, no matter how big/good you did. The next generation is always clean slate

Ilikegames763492d ago

Come on now Nintendo, keep up with the times! My cellphone already have 16 GB of memory, and it's already 4-years old.

Substance1013492d ago

Seriously did you even put a thought before saying that. Next gen games are going to have massive texture sizes and will require installations in order to avoid long load times. Cloud storage for large installations would be a joke.

StifflerK3490d ago

Did you?

If you have a good disc drive speed - mandatory installations are irrelevent. So your point is.... what exactly?

The Wii2's hardware is on par with the current gen.
It's a console aimed at the casual market, 8GB flash , plus a card reader is fine for Wiiware games. Dlc is either on the disc or has a standalone release, media is streamed - anything else - cloud storage.

See, simple.

sikbeta3492d ago

For savedata and account management it's OK, now for Downloadable content, demos, streaming games demos and full games from the wii online store (I don't know the name, sorry) with 720p to 1080p output will be rough for your ISP :P

BrutallyBlunt3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I think cloud storage is part of the answer. I still believe all Project Cafe games will be on disc and the downloadable games will be limited in size. The disc based games will possibly be on blu-ray or their own proprietary disc which could hold up to 50gb of data. Newer blu-ray drives have faster read speeds so mandatory installs shouldn't be required or needed.

Another thing is there could also be a hard drive add-on consumers can buy. Nintendo likes to keep their consoles affordable so offering a hard drive as an option would also reduce the cost.

green3492d ago

It depends on a few things. If Nintendo allows you to attach an off the counter portable HDD to the console to expand the storage space, then i think it will be okay since its also rumored to use Blu-ray.

if it will be sold purely as a games console and not an all in one media center like 360/PS3, then it may not bite them in the foot. I know a few people that own the 360 arcade and are hooked up to XBL but have never bought DLC or XBLA games due to space issues.

At the end of the day, nothing beats having loads of storage space already on a machine without you needing to upgrade.

Eiffel3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I have my doubts of it including blu-ray, people had to hack the Wii just to get it to play DVD's something which Nintendo could have offered but decided not to, they don't really look at their consoles as multimedia devices, primarily game consoles, even the Wii getting Netflix was a stroke of surprise for me, but who knows, surprise me Nintendo.

kneon3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

They would be stupid to not put a bluray drive in it. A read only bluray drive now costs only a few dollars more to manufacture than a DVD drive. And it would likely be 2-4 times faster than the drive in the PS3.

But just like the DVD drive in the Wii they may choose not to enable movie playback.

Jdoki3492d ago

Even if Ninty put a Blu-Ray drive in, there's no guarantee it would be used for movies...

Same as the Wii DVD drive was unable to play movies out of the box because they wanted to keep costs down and not have to pay license fees.

Could end up being the same deal for the Blu-Ray drive.

tigertron3492d ago

No and only no. If you want to download games and dlc, then 8GB is no where near enough.

I'm hoping this flash memory nonsense is false, because Nintendo really need a console with an HDD, this isn't 2001, its 2011.

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