PC Gamer : Dead State preview

PC Gamer "“I’ve always been horrified by the ‘zombie emergency plans’ that people come up with. Many involve obscure ninja weaponry. Those people will probably be the first casualties of the zombie apocalypse.”

Brian Mitsoda says gaming just doesn’t “get” zombies. His criticism, in plain nerd-English: “Most of the games that use zombies have nothing to do with the zombie genre.” I’d agree—the best zed fiction isn’t about the bullet-frenzy sprint from saferoom to saferoom, it’s about preparation and survival under pressure through cooperation: maintaining barricades, rationing food, managing the morale of teammates and fending off fellow humans that want what you’ve got."

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captain-obvious2723d ago

looks like a fine mid to low budget PC game to me

love what im seeing and reading about it
if capcom wont give us a good RE game
im all in for a new good zombie game

add to that ITS AN RPG
hell yah

stuntman_mike2723d ago

it sounds like a good game with interesting game mechanics hope it turns out well, there hasnt been many decent zombie RPG's.

DWOM2723d ago

I hope it's good. It sounds interesting,but it remainds me od Dead Nation.
they will never have ENOUGH zombie games lol