World exclusive: first DiRT 3 score

OXM is pleased to present the very first, world exclusive review score for Codemasters' DiRT 3 - a "jaw-slackening", "gloriously grimy" 9/10.

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dirigiblebill2727d ago

But is it a match for GT5?

/enters patented troll escape pod
/blasts off from thread

RedDragan2727d ago

Well, OXM thinks it is better looking at the score they gave DiRT 3. But bear in mind OXM also rated Halo highly so take this review with a pinch of salt.

hennessey862727d ago

Oh do you mean that game with more features than any other console shooter, the one with millions of players still enjoying it. Go away troll. on topic cant wait for dirt 3

RedDragan2727d ago

More features than any other console shooter? Like what?

RumbleFish2727d ago

Does the game have to be compared to GT5 at all? I think it's an off road racer and offroad ist just a minor part of gt5.
I think aside from being racing games they don't have much in common.

Evil_Ghosty2727d ago

To be honest I expected nothing less. This game was looking sensational from the first trailer they released.

earbus2727d ago

Takes my cash this month everything else can wait.

Jellzy2727d ago

Dirt 2 was a great game and played brilliantly. It's only downfall IMO was that it was lacking in content (not enough cars or tracks).

Not enough tracks was probably it's biggest shortfall as this made the career really repetitive.

Haven't been keeping track much but hopefully the game has more tracks than it's predecessor and more race disciplines.

Zynga2727d ago

O.o 9/10 huh. Can't wait to play it!

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