The decline of local multiplayer in videogames

As the ongoing issues with the PlayStation Network prevents millions from playing online, Den of Geek wonders if local, offline multiplayer gaming is being increasingly neglected.

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fatalred alarm2822d ago

agreed, i really wanted to see some splitscreen HAWX 2 and GRID, that would have been awsome.

bumnut2822d ago

Split screen is what we had in the 90's before online gaming, I don't miss having the screen split into 2 or 4.

Scyrus2822d ago

i luv motorstorm for this reason! having splitscreen is awesome, i also strictly play black ops or any cod offline splitscreen

soundslike2822d ago

Theres plenty of local multiplayer about...

how can you say there's not after Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat just kame out?

Theres only one real reason games don't have it, its because they have to render two games at the same time. If your going to write an article about split screen, you have to mention the render cost, and what games it may or may not affected.

Lubu2822d ago

True. We've been running through some Saint's Row 2 and Borderlands via LAN. Just wish other games had this feature.

Jdub895O2822d ago

yea i have a couple of them like ut3,fear2,and thats about it .