Is Using Mouse and Keyboard Against Xbox 360 Players Cheating?

Can the age old question of whether using mouse and keyboard against pad players be answered? Could using a mouse and keyboard adapter be considered cheating in violation of the terms of use on Xbox 360?

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reynod2725d ago

Go ask Microsoft lol, why did they cancel plans for cross gameplay between PC and 360 users?

In their testing the best of the best control pad gamers got thrashed against average PC gamers using Mouse Kb. now if control Pad users are given handicap assist(aim assist), then they will be able to put up a fight.

Pandamobile2725d ago

Even with aim assist, they'd still get massacred.

captain-obvious2725d ago

Mouse and Keyboard controls = superiority

2725d ago
Redgehammer2725d ago

I moved from KB/M to 360 controller with a great deal of reservation, but now I would never want to go back. I believe if you are good with the mouse, you can become good with the sticks.

BattleAxe2724d ago

I use a 360 controller for all my gaming unless the game supports Direct Input or KB/M, then I just play using my KB/M. I recently bought the GTA pack on Steam, and I'm playing through GTA3 using a KB/M, and it works really well surprisingly enough. I find the more i get used to the KB/M, the more I seem to have no preference between which controls i use.

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fatalred alarm2725d ago

I don't know who they tested against, but i got no problem taking on pc players on games like homefront call of duty etc with my new xbox360 gamepad...

A skilled pad player is WAY better than the avarage keyboard user.

Si-Fly2725d ago

What a ridiculous comment. The point is that a "skilled" pad user will get owned by a "skilled" keyboard and mouse user.

fatalred alarm2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Will they? i'm simply stating an avarage pc gamer wouldn't have a chance against a skilled gamepad user..( which they implied above)
, also i prefer the way vehicles control on a gamepad.

MaxXAttaxX2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

He said skilled vs average.

Besides I find it easier to turn 180 degrees with a controller, especially in third person games.

peowpeow2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

I tend to use high sensitivity with gamepad. I find some gamepad users are very skilled (I love to watch halo sniper montages, some are amazing).
I do great with gamepad but I must admit It's a different story without aim assist :(

I miss games like RTCW / Wolf:ET, Quake, UT because they relied on pure aiming and tracking, but now iron sights, spray&pray + twitch reaction has become the norm for fps'

Si-Fly2725d ago

@Nathan and Fatalred : What is the point in comparing a Skilled vs Average player?! If you prefer a pad that's fine, I prefer a pad too but I'm under no illusions that a mouse and keyboard offers a distinct advantage.

RedSky2725d ago

Someone tell this guy to google Shadowrun.

fatalred alarm2724d ago

Sci-fly, AGAIN i'm responsive to the claim avarage pc gamers trash skilled pad players, i'm also in no illusion keyboard and mouse offer better aim.

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RumbleFish2725d ago

I think everybody should be free to use the device of choice.
I play GT5 with wheel. Nobody would call it cheating to drive with wheel against other players who drive with pad.
For shooters there should be different servers for those who want to play with m&t and for those who want to play with pad.

macky3012725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

For shooters definitely,..(but then again it is a bit surreal, that I can turn 360 degrees in 0.05 sec)

For just about every genre else,.. controllers have advantage, at least in comfort (except RTS(which is really dumb concept for console controller, unless it is -quest for booty simplified (maybe with move there could be some complexity in console RTS))

OrganicMachine2725d ago

the only thing controllers have is pressure sensitive buttons.. for now.

other than that, mouse and keyboard can do everything and more.

comfort is preference, I'm comfortable using the mouse and keyboard with any game in any genre in any perspective. be 3rd person shooters/ FPS/ RTS/ whatever...

stevenhiggster2725d ago

I personally play more on PC than console nowadays, and one thing I just recently noticed was missing (took me a while, I know) was force feedback. I hadn't really thought about it before, but now that I have, I really miss it. So game pads definitely have the upper hand over m&k there, and analogue buttons like you said.

Perjoss2725d ago

the other thing pad have over M/K setup is the analog movement. I'm not sure if this can help at all in multiplayer but i really do prefer it for single player. Playing a good single player campaign with a pad is a lot more cinematic then the jitteryness of mouse aiming (unless you use very low mouse sensitivity) and digital 'on/off' keyboard movement.

LunaticBrandon2725d ago

Yeah but a game like Black Ops it doesn't matter. When I borrowed it to try it out I literally didn't have to aim as long as I started shooting .01 seconds before the other player.

Masterchef20072725d ago

I believe so. Because while you can play a game well with a controller it will never be as accurate as a mouse.

stragomccloud2725d ago

Seriously though! Why can't I plug in a mouse and keyboard into my Xbox or PS3 for games?????? Soooo lame!!

Aussiegamer2725d ago

You can plug in a keyboard and mouse for ps3. That eagle eye thing converts it for ya all. Yeah it might cost ya $40 but you get the desired affect your looking for.

stragomccloud2725d ago

I've heard it doesn't quite respond the same way though.

bozebo2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

It will only work nicely if the game has been programmed to take in mouse input.

You can't emulate a controller thumbstick from mouse co-ord inputs, that is what some of the fuss about console ports to PC is about (because they emulate a controller from the mouse input which totally breaks it. bioshock, mass effect and bulletstorm in particular)

Anybody who says it works fine in a game which only has controller input programmed (so, 99.9% of console games) is a complete idiot. Anybody used to a mouse will not get proper tracking with it. It's probably worse than a controller too. (super high sense thumbsticks are actually really good for aiming)

kornbeaner2725d ago

You can plug M&KB for UT3, they even have filters so you can decide what group you want to play with. I think it should be standard for all console FPS games to have a M&KB option, that would actually make want to play console FPS games.

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