5 Companies E3 Press Conference Date And Time Revealed

5 big company's E3 press conference including Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA, has been revealed.

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sinncross2723d ago

My last exam for the semester is the 6th June. Luckily I'm from South Africa so these times should be much later in the day for me. Holidays begin with e3!!!


T3quilaSlay3r2723d ago

damn sonys press conference is at 5 pm. So that means 3 at night in here. Last year it was perfect for me when sonys was 7pm my time

m232722d ago

I hope I have that Monday off, that would be a pretty epic day. Relax during the day watching pressers all day. I'm in Toronto, so the times work out perfectly throughout the day for me.

Convas2722d ago

It's going to be an EPIC day to kick off E3!