If Square Enix made a Moon Diver sequel, it would be called Super Moon Diver

Moon Diver's Xbox 360 version hits today. Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions also have download content on the way.

Are you enjoying the classic style 2.5D action of Square Enix's Moon Diver? Then you're probably ready to talk sequel (well, if you're playing on PS3, that is -- the 360 version hits today, a little over a month after the PS3 version's release).

In an interview posted today, 4Gamer asked Moon Diver's producer Takehiro Ando and planner Koichi Yotsui if there are chances for a sequel.

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zeal0us3920d ago

wow so didnt see that 1 coming

antauwnehart3920d ago

Why would they make a sequel to this crap!

MegaSackman3920d ago

Im a huge fan of sidescrolling action, and arcade games, but this game is mediocre at least, Outland is what we need.

Square, make a proper Strider game.