Section 8/NVIDIA 3D Gaming Contest writes, "NVIDIA and Section 8 developer TimeGate Studios have teamed up to deliver the "Upgrade to 3D Gaming with Section 8: Prejudice and NVIDIA" contest. Two grand prizewinners will receive the NVIDIA 3D PC Gaming Kit which includes an NVIDIA 3D Vision Wireless Glasses Kit, Asus ENGTX460 Direct CU, a 23” LG 3D LCD Gaming Monitor, a copy of Section 8: Prejudice, and a poster signed by the TimeGate Dev team. Two runners-up will receive a copy of Section 8: Prejudice and a poster signed by the TimeGate Dev team. "

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imvix2722d ago

A friend of mine got a 3D tv recently few months back and was playing Assassins creed brother hood on his TV VIA PC in 3D. He told me he was getting 60fps @ 720p maxed out graphics.

It really is amazing how the PC has over 400titles in 3D, which is atleast 10times more then the so much hyped and advertised PS3. While the performance from even a 200usd GPU like the 5870 makes 3D gaming a reality.

bumnut2722d ago

Whats 3d support like on ATI cards? I have an GTX 570 and can play games in 3d at 1920 x 1080 and still get a great framerate.

imvix2722d ago

3D support for ATI hardware is pretty solid. you need to buy Tridef or DDD software to activate it. My friend demoed both software and liked Tridef. Both of these software will work on Nvidia hardware as well (however since nvidia has its own drivers it not required).

Also both these software support over 400games with custom profiles for user based improvements as well. Since it has custom profiles new profiles are released for games very frequently, with new games being supported at launch.

Also Tridef even gives a discount to AMD users. I think the software costs 50usd in total not quite sure.

Whats amazing is though, since PC is an open platform, PC gamers arent dependant on a company to decide if so and so game will work with 3D, they can just create profiles. On console you actually have to wait for the console maker to decide if they will support 3D at all and then all the compromises in performance when playing the game in 3D.

bumnut2722d ago

Interesting, does that mean that if a game is listed as not supported by Nvidia it could still be possible to play in 3d using a Tridef custom profile?

imvix2722d ago

I havent tried fidding with 3D on my Nvidia GPU however i am sure Nvidia probably does have custom profiles as well, just like we get custom SLI profiles.

Yes Tridef should work with Nvidia the same way it does with AMD. Any how Nvidia own 3D software is so good i dont see a reason for a Nvidia user to use Tridef.

nikrel2722d ago

When they mean homemade are they talking oldschool red/blue?

pr0digyZA2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I'm assuming that's what they want. I don't think they would want us to create proper glasses.That sucks read it's only for America.