Peter Dille: PS3 Business Will See 'Tremendous Acceleration'

Immediately after SCEA officially announced the new 40GB model for $399, GameDaily BIZ got on the phone with Senior Vice President of Marketing Peter Dille. He expects the new price point to make a huge impact. We also discussed controlling leaks, backwards compatibility, Blu-ray momentum and more.

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Meus Renaissance4070d ago

And we expect that $399 opens up the PS3 experience to a whole new audience of people... there's basically a $50 price gap between the $399 unit and the 360's closest comparable unit. And for $50 more you get Blu-ray, you get PS3's free online gaming vs. paying a subscription with a monthly fee. Out of the box, I think the pendulum swings in the PlayStation's favor"

I agree wholeheartedly but the only difference now is a constant stream of AAA games. Sony is in its first year so they can be excused of that as Microsoft didn't have one until Gears, but they have to make up for the year they've been behind and release these games quicker than ever.

They need to work twice as hard and be atleast twice as productive in their marketing and sales in order to compete with 360 sales in 2008 so they can be in a position where they can seriously threaten its userbase dominance in 2009 and beyond. I dont agree, however, with those who think Sony will sell 15million consoles by March or overtake the Xbox 360 next year.

zsscommand4070d ago

Spring of 08' to me at least, will be their moment to shine. From then on its all on offense.

remix4070d ago

i think there will be a 299.99 40 gig by christmas if you know sony's trend with the release of mgs. and i expect that when lbp comes out. the ps3 will sell like wii's did at first in japan and it will sell well here too. alot of people are buying ps3's for that game. espicially with mgs right after. i expect the ps3 to sell at least 3 million between febuary and aprail. possible more. people can say im crazy but ALOT of people want lbp and at 300 bucks, sony wont even be able to keep up with demand

Manny7074070d ago

plus the PS3 comes with a bigger hard drive plus is just in time for some interesting games that are coming out like Rachet and Clank.

Lex Luthor4070d ago

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XxZxX4070d ago

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XxZxX4070d ago

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SofaKingReetodded4070d ago

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