The 3rd Birthday (PSP) -

"Back in 1999 (well, 1998 in Japan), the first Parasite Eve game was released. And it was a doozy; graphically, it was a step ahead for the PSOne, as it mixed in realistic locales with both classic turn-based gameplay reminiscent of Final Fantasy III/VI and some fun gun battles. It wasn't a shooter, but a horror-RPG with guns, and a damn cool one at that. And the main character Aya Brea - before characters like Jade from Beyond Good & Evil and Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2 - proved that a female protagonist in the gaming world could be strong and realistic instead of the original Lara Croft, whose back should probably have snapped like a twig from being so top-heavy." - Kevin Schaller

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insertcoin2725d ago

Wow, a Square-Enix title that doesn't totally suck. Are they making a comeback?

Inception2725d ago

SE games in handheld are way better than console (except Nier that not made by SE).

StbI9902725d ago

Lol. people say it as if they are too far gone lololol.

Inception2725d ago

yeah, SE still had some good talent in their department. but i hope someday Yasumi Matsuno will get a chance to make another FF...

samurailincoln2725d ago

Glad to see that the new PE game is just as good as the old ones. Wonder if they'll ever make one for the home consoles again.

stormeagle62725d ago

So I'm still not sure if this is actually a Parasite Eve sequel or not...