"Project Café" Rumors (Blu-Ray, Storage, and more)

The Game Fanatics: "Kotaku posted an article today on the speculated features of Nintendo‘s new console (codename: “Project Café”), we have the low-down of those rumors all in one place for you. Here we will give my insights to the new console."

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iamnsuperman2724d ago

The storage is going to be a big problem. 8GB is not much and especially in an age of DLC. But we will see if this turns out true. Lets hope its upgradable like the PS3

Tony-Red-Grave2724d ago

and if they use blu-ray then ill give props to nintendo for doing something they didnt do when sony offered to make the snes a CD based system. itll benefit both parties, even if its not sony directly.

"admit your mistake sallow your pride and improve"

HolyOrangeCows2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

The problem is, they seem to be trying to branch out to the hardcore, and while poorly doing so, also losing footing with their casual bread and butter.

More standard controller (if undenied rumor is true) w/touchscreen means no casual exercise fad audience, but more hardcore.

Nintendo will have to make HUUUUGE strides with third parties if they're going with a more standard controller that will attract more hardcore gamers. They don't want a repeat of the Gamecube.

But then no higher standard of memory storage means problems for both developers who want to make the most of the system and customers who want DLC (If Nintendo even delivers next-gen on DLC/online expansion) and demos and whatever else. And a lot of people these days like using their console for multimedia purposes; low memory standards would again become issue.

And then the likely higher price will be a negative on everyone.

I just don't see where Nintendo is going with this. They seem to be trying to branch out, but then dropping their biggest fanbase and barely reaching for the other end of the spectrum.

But a lot of it is still rumor. We'll have to wait and see....even though what we know now already seems dangerous for Nintendo.

BTW, I'm open to any dissenting opinions that aren't "But this is Nintendo so logic doesn't apply!"/"Nintendo knows what they're doing! Nintendo is infallible!"

DeadlyFire2724d ago

I believe Nintendo looks at every console as a separate brand. They never name a console 2 if you look at their history.

I think they will keep the Wii alive for another 5 years at least. Its not like Nintendo can't have motion control for this new console as well. Casual can still exist along side hardcore.

This low space on the console likely means no real use for it. I see USB Flash drives or flash sticks being a possible way to download and play with DLC and games though.

Blu-Ray = a big plus.

As far as what resolution Nintendo is going with I think its safe to say 1080i and 1080p both are going to qualify.

Online system still based on numbers? That is what I wanna know. I would like to see that change.

Blaze9292724d ago

whatever they plan to use, one of those features better be a hard drive.

Thepro3182724d ago

Lets hope they go with 250gb HDD

Tony-Red-Grave2724d ago

they dont need that much unles their serious about going hardcore. Don't take this the wrong way but i don't see nintendo doing that not because i see them as a kid company, i do a little, but because they really don't need to their games sell, albeit even if we dont like them, and they make good profit if they can get a powerful enough system thats not to outdated vs next gen consoles than the project cafe would very well be the best selling console.

now before i get flamed please take into account nintendo has games that appeal to kids put that together with decent 3rd party support and good graphics, which the wii doesnt have,l and cafe suddenly becomes a very good alternative to gaming.

EYEamNUMBER12724d ago

they don't need that much at all least not from the start sony/microsoft didn't add bigger HDs becaus eit was considered hardcore they added bigger HDs because the amount of data they offer has only gone up with time

they would need to increase size one day but not right out the door
whatever they do if it doesn't have a HD they better have some nice fat 32/64 gb SD card bundled in or something because 8GB is small time

StbI9902724d ago

Bluray????,w ell I trust nintendo, in the hardware department, but dud, I expected some kind know, cards :(, mem cards in some big ass spaces, but whatever, bring it.

Pedobear Rocks2724d ago

The Kotaku article does not say BD discs...merely 25GB discs...

Jocosta2724d ago

Could Ninty have resurrected HDDVD?

supremacy2724d ago

All this makes this platform sound like a profitable console at launch.

Its clear that according to these rumors they are trying to avoid taking a loss with this thing.

But e3 will tell us the real story and then we will know, what we need to know.

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