Sony to answer Congress' PSN outage questions

In an announcement on Saturday, Sony said most PlayStation Network services will be restored this week. However, nearly 13 days after service came down, it remains down, and Sony's investigation into the matter continues.

It's this ongoing investigation for which Sony has enlisted the help of a private information security agency, the FBI's cybercrimes unit, and The Department of Homeland Security. Now, the company has announced it will cooperate with the US Congress by answering a series of questions put to it by the US House of Representatives' Committee on Energy and Commerce's Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade.


Japan and Europe's PlayStation Network will be back online with new firmware software 3.61 in this week.

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Joni-Ice2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

GameSpot just reported Sony will answer questions before the 6th.

Here is the link...

madcowz642750d ago

Well that's the dedline they could answer sooner, but who knows. Sometimes you wish there were hourly reports on whats going on(Instead of hourly reports of the same news).

Bear_Grylls2749d ago

They should tell the US congress to go STFU! and quit wasting time on meaningless BS.

Murica F yeah.

Oschino19072749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Exactly Bear_Grylls, first thing i thought upon reading was similar to when they did the Baseball Steroids hearings, it was like a bunch of fans and average joes asking them questions, its like a random panel of people from all over the U.S. asking random questions that have already been explained or could be much further and easier understood if they just picked up some books or read some articles. Just another waste of time that could be spent on much more important things. Sometimes congress worries me cause they go out of their way to try and look busy with stupid stuff like this.
Wish my job allowed me to waste time on meaningless projects as long as i looked like i was actually doing something meaningful. Get it over with and let them put the network back online, been waiting months to replace PS3 cause blu ray went and when i finally get one the network is down and i cant activate system or transfer any game data, just want to play my damn games.

Thugbot1872749d ago

@Bear_Grylls and @Oschino1907

Maybe it's time you guys picked up a book and read what the job of congress is in situations like this.

Oschino19072749d ago

@Thugboat, have you ever watched a hearing with members of congress before? they arent all exactly the most well rounded when it comes to many topics and often they are out of their league and would be better off listening to their own experts within the government or allowing them to handle it instead of them. I have seem some hearings that were total jokes like the Baseball Steroids ones.

So maybe you should pick up a book and read about how everything isnt perfect and sometimes people need to just get out of the way and let the people who know what they are doing get the job done.

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morganfell2750d ago

Still, the title is misleading.

They state it as if the US Congress, who does not have the power to do so, has ordered that Sony 'MUST' answer questions first. As I said, misleading and certainly a very poor attempt at journalism.

Death2749d ago

U.S Congress doesn't have the power to order Sony to answer questions regarding the safety of U.S citizens? You are kidding right? You honestly think Sony is a higher power than U.S. Congress? Wow. You should have called Mr. Toyoda before he was summoned before Congress last year and saved him the trip.


MeanOldman2749d ago

too bad you not too smart mr death. congress dont have no power. they can get a judge to sign a supoena an the court can order it. but thas the court. they has the power. congress dont have no power to order people themself. you need to go back to government class dude. i guess if you call the cops an get them to arrest somebody beatin you ass you think you have the power to arrest. you dont. is the cop. same thing here an you dont know that neither.

MAiKU2750d ago

OH my god, weren't the FBI and homeland security working with sony on this? Can't THEY provide the answers?

xxLuckyStrike2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Damn skippy they better answer to the USA.. You delusional Sony cheerleaders must realize this was a global failure of epic proportions.. Sony may never fully recover from this blunder!!!!

Additionally, how unprofessional has the handling of this security breach been? Down 2 weeks with no kind of immediate back up plan for your millions of users!! Pathetic!!

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majiebeast2750d ago

Lets hope same doesnt go for eu.

joeyisback2750d ago

where in it does it say sony must answer to congress before the psn goes back online in the us?

th3_d3an2750d ago ShowReplies(1)
goaliegonzalez282750d ago

I just want to play online already

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