Comparison: Is the 40GB PS3 such a bad deal?

Is the 40GB PS3 really such a bad deal? PS3fanboy stacked a number of systems side by side to see which gaming console is the best value (at least, in terms of hardware). For example, when compared to the Xbox 360, the $399 PS3 may seem like a pretty good deal, provided you're looking for built-in wi-fi and an HD movie player. These two peripherals cost $99 and $179 each for the Xbox 360.

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DiLeCtioN4018d ago

i told my mate the ps3 is now £300 he went to get it the next day after begging his ma so much lol

PS3 Limps on and on4018d ago

Fanboys? Man you get a Blu ray player and a PS3 for $399.

Hello?? You ever checked how much a stand alone HD player and a High Defintion gaming console cost alone?

Stand Alone HD DVD player $199 at cheapest
XBOX 360 premuim $349
= 548

You would have to be a moron to think it's a bad deal.

Close_Second4018d ago

...but I would prefer a dedicated player over a games console for movie playback any day of the week. The PS3 is a good Blu-Ray player but I prefer the extra beels and whistles that come with dedicated players.

A games console to me is a seconday player for movies in terms of a lounge home cinema setup.

SWORDF1SH4018d ago

ps3 is a dedicated games player. more so than the 360. sony decided to make there games on blu ray coz its the next logical step up. 360 is gonna suffer with lack of space in the near future coz games cant be multi disk. and i can bet my gran that the xbox 720 is gonna be using blu ray games coz hd dvd will be dead. i agree sony is pushing blu ray through the ps3 but they havent taken there eye off the ball for the gaming side of the ps3. if you think the xbox is a dedicated games player then my is almost the good game fps games. there isnt a varied library and thats where the ps3 is gonna be better. if you cant see that blu ray is important for the next gen then you cant see the bigger picture.

Mikey_Gee4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

I don't want BR "OR" HD-DVD till the war is sorted out in regards to HD media. So did I pay the extra for the HD-DVD that would have drove the price of my 360 ... NOPE !!

IF BR was the outright HD winner and that was a fact (but fact is nobody knows) ... then a PS3 purchase for me is a NO BRAINER.

BUT, with that being said ... I agree ... for the price you do get a BR player. WIth that being said, if I could get one with NO BR and another $100 cheaper ... "THAT" would be what I pick up for Christmas rather than the 40gig I am eyeing up now.

I didn't buy my PS2 for a DVD player, I bought it for the games.


champ4204018d ago

impossible, seeing as the games are run on BR discs. Which is a good thing, case in point 360 owners are going to get a watered down version of UT3 and will probably have to pay for downloadable maps because they wont all fit on a dvd :)

Close_Second4018d ago

...would have been possible as Sony probably would have provided the ability to install to the hard drive like you can with a PC. If MS had made this an option, the whole debate over Blu-Ray and DVD in terms of gaming would have been pointless.

americanGTA4018d ago

now thats a rippoff. $450... r u kidding? all u get is HALO 3

Ace_Shooter4018d ago

I got the Elite, but it wasn't because of the 120gig or was because it was black to match my PS3 and TV lol. Even at 499 and 599 the PS3 is a great deal. The cheaper the better obviously but the value you're getting out of it is amazing. You would have to be a fool to think 399 is a bad deal. The 360 @ 399 (for more than a full year the 360 premium was 399 if you guys remember) now THAT was a bad deal compared to the 40 gig PS3.

drtysouf214018d ago

thats why it'll be my 2nd PS3.

Close_Second4018d ago

...that the issue of global warming has fallen of deaf ears with the ignorant.

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