Microsoft Store 1600 points deal is still Live, in-store…

CG, "We didn’t post about the Microsoft Points deal (Get a free Xbox LIVE 1600 points card when you buy any Xbox Game through May 15th!) yesterday because it was pretty much dead once we got wind of it. Seemed like Microsoft was having technical problems online, pulled the deal, brought it back for a bit, and now GONE. But not in-store! You can head down to your local Microsoft Store (if you have one) and buy any game and receive $20 in Microsoft Points, a 1600 point card FREE".

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FiLTHY ESKiMO2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Great for gamers, but dirty business nonetheless. While PSN is down Microsoft is trying to capitalize. Tempt the PlayStation Network users with free credit to switch sides. Sony is going through hell right now and Microsoft are trying to bribe gamers to switch to them.

That's right! Kick them while they are down, Microsoft! :P

X2theG2750d ago

Just Business as usual... I'm sure Sony or every other company would do the same thing.

Sony will bounce back no problem... don't worry your FiLTHY little head.

4Sh0w2750d ago

lol, n4g is so ridiculous I cant tell if Filthy is serious or not.

epicdestroy2750d ago

And he only has one bubble so he can't explain himself...LOL

FNAG2750d ago

TEN bubbles wouldn't be enough to explain that...

testerg352750d ago

LOL.. "dirty business".. are you serious?

X2theG2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Looks like he turned his back on you... HAHA!!

Solidus187-SCMilk2750d ago

MS does deals alot now. Sony fell down on their own. This would only effect people who have both and would sway them to buy the xbox version of the games, weather PSN is on or off. MS didnt do this to spite sony, its just a good way for them to sell more game.

People said the MS free silver weekend was to kick sony when they were down too, even though that was planed way before PSN went down.

Its far more likely that this is just a sweet deal, or a way to get 360/ps3 owners to buy the 360 version. It has nothing to do with PSN being down. Its been down for 2 weeks, everything that happens during this time doesn't have to do with PSN.

If this was to kick them while they were down, MS would have done it right away because they would not have known how long PSN would be down(I doubt MS would initially think PSN would be down 2 weeks, I sure didnt).

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Orionsangel2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

What If you buy and download it from Games Ondemand? No 1600 point deal?

epicdestroy2750d ago

Read the title...very slowly...LOL!

Orionsangel2749d ago

Well Games Ondemand can also be considered a store.

7SBuzzLightyear7S2750d ago

Good on 'em. Take advantage of their Sony's ignorance and misfortune and capitalise on it.

Just another day in the office of another multi-billion dollar corporation.

ddelella2750d ago

Too overpriced and not worth the 1600 point card

epicdestroy2750d ago

You know there are like 50 games to choose from right? Are they ALL overpriced? HAHA!!

FNAG2750d ago

I personally got a $15.99 game and $20 worth of MS points. Some were lucky enough to score $9.99 titles and leave with the same 1600 points!

Yeah MS Store tends to charge full MSRP on EVERYTHING, but deals are to be had for the diligent. Blanket statement FTL.