What Skyward Sword Must Address as a Precursor to Ocarina of Time

The timeframe before Ocarina of Time in the Zelda timeline has often been a dumping ground for backstories. With Skyward Sword set as a prequel to Ocarina of Time, what elements will it incorporate into its own storyline?

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Zashule2723d ago

Zelda's Lullaby backwards? Trippy stuff! I learned something new today.

LegendarySins2722d ago

Who cares about Zelda timeline? There is no bigger fan than the Zelda series than myself but I simply do not care about the so called timeline that people have tried so hard to work out over the years. There was never ment to be a Zelda timeline thats why it is so messed up. Every Zelda to me is a fresh game and I cudn't care less if its related to the previous game or not. In fact I prefer it this way as sequels are boring a lot of the time as you know what your going to get.

Redempteur2722d ago

lol its' pretty much obvious that there is a timeline ..yes it's messed up but that's also because you're looking at a serie were time travel is possible , so are other dimensions ..
Also many realms were sealed / over the years due to various events so it's pretty much obvious given the references in EVERY titles that a timeline exist ..

LegendarySins2722d ago

Yes I know there is a timeline of sorts now but there was never ment to be one when Zelda was still fresh. Miyamoto said something about it in a magazine back in 1992 or roundabouts I remember, I also know that Konuma said that there is a timeline recently in an interview that only him and Miyamoto know, but this contradicts what Miyamoto previously said. That is why I know there was never really ment to be a timeline it was worked out as an after thought and mainly because fans requested it or kept questioning it. It doesnt matter to me though.

Redempteur2721d ago

you think there was a time line with the first metal gear ? history has already proven that there wasn't YET years after the timeline for all the games is clearly present .

Same thing here
With all the games released the timeline had to be made at some point so yes it exist and this applies to every big video game saga .. if you don't care about the timeline so be it , but let the others talk about it when it's obvious that it exists NOW 18 years later

dragon822722d ago

I can't wait for this game!!!

gamerben2722d ago

Why is that people insist that the Zelda series must have a chronology? If it's so confusing, then why don't they just leave it without one? I mean, who would make a series where they literally place games all over the place? It's just stupid. Zelda doesn't have a timeline. The end.