Warhawk and fl0w expanding in December

Expansions are coming for popular Playstation Network titles fl0w and Warhawk, according to Game Informer magazine. Firing Squad reports that a recent issue of the magazine reveals expansions in development for both downloadable titles, with planned releases in December.

The Warhawk expansion will introduce a dropship into the game, which can pick up and relocate ground vehicles. The fl0w expansion, meanwhile, will add a multiplayer mode to the abstract game, as well as a new playable creature. While expansions for Warhawk are a no-brainer, it remains to be seen how typical downloadable content will fit in with the incredibly atypical fl0w.

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rsebes4070d ago

Yes, a dropship will add a more depth and tactics. Sounds like it will be a killer good time.

vaan4070d ago

Oh yeah! I wonder if it that huge 'aircraft carrier' looking thing from the old concepts. If so, can you blow that puppy up?

demolitionX4070d ago

i wish battleships introduced in warhawk, so it will be complete war, air, ground and sea. that would be awsome.

Skerj4070d ago

Wow, they're giving us more for Warheroin? I need to start ranking up.

Robotz Rule4070d ago

for two great games:)

Bring em!

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The story is too old to be commented.