Assassins Creed: Revelations - Setting possibly revealed

Ubisoft unveiled the third Teaser of Assassins Creed: Revelations, which actually contains some informations and involves Constantinople as the setting of the game.

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Lucreto2724d ago

Not so sure about that.

We has seen images of Altaïr and Ezio with images of Crete and the Ottoman Empire. If we are still following Desmond he had no direct family in the area for at least 70 to 90 years. Ezio had no children until after 1504.

iamnsuperman2724d ago

If the events are in 1453 and Ezio is born in 1459 that means we play his father????? I guess the hints are at a possible location but like Lucreto said we has seen pics of Altair and Ezio. I think its showing us maybe the location but also showing us the past Assassins with the full reveal showing us the final Assassin the the trilogy of Assassins.

2fk2724d ago

i want to be an assassin, it looks fun.

newn4gguy2723d ago

There can be only one!!!

Quagmire2722d ago


I don't think you've played Brotherhood have you?

aaabbbccc43242724d ago

constantinople is a cool place to set the game. However i dont want it to be in the reneisance again ive had enough of that. i think it should be in the 1700's because it makes sense as ac1 was in 1191 then ac2 jumped 300 years so this can jump another 250 years.

im sick of the auditore family i want a new family

Convas2723d ago

Sigh. I haven't even gotten an Assassin's Creed yet.

Should've bought Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood instead of Black Ops ...

newn4gguy2723d ago

You've made a huge mistake.

Go back three spaces. (Four if you don't get the reference.)

lastdual2723d ago

If you care about the plot and characters at all, then definitely play AC2 before you play Brotherhood.

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