Box art revealed for Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray with Resistance 3 demo

The box art for the Blu-ray release for Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray, which contains a playable demo of Resistance 3, has been revealed today by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

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Hitman07692777d ago

I think it's great that films like this are starting to become hybridized with video game demos or entire games on the same Blu Ray as a film!

Klaykid1232777d ago

That would be cool, maybe RE5 with a RE movie.

Infernostew2777d ago

Except that battle la was an awful film. Just let us download the damn demo instead of making people buy a crappy movie for it.

jon12342777d ago

Resistance 2 was pretty bad as well i hope 3 is better


I'm pretty sure the demo will be on PSN too, probably those that buy the movie will just get early access.

Even betas that were supposed to be a privilege for people invited, PS+ subscribers and people that bought it with other game/movie had been accessible to everyone over PSN (case in point: SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3). I don't see why demos would be treated differently.

beavis4play2777d ago

Infernostew - disagee on the movie. i thought it was great - i loved the combat and tense situations.

lil Titan2777d ago

never saw vthe vmovie but heard it was good so guess this is a win win for me

HolyOrangeCows2777d ago

If it's ON the disc, then I wouldn't mind eh.....I'd borrow a copy of the film from someone.

Non_sequitur2777d ago

It's been done before. The Van Helsing DVD came with a demo for the Xbox 1.

miyamoto2777d ago

we need more of these tie ins here in America just like they do in Japan. sweet deals!

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Bull5hifT2777d ago

its sad that i look like your movie ive seen recently was FAST 5....that movie was tha SH!T
buy it on blu-ray for the sheer awesomeness

LOGICWINS2777d ago

Yeah I'm hearing good things about Fast Five...the last one was a piece of crap in my opinion. Fast&Furious was the only F&F movie I didn't like.

Oschino19072777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Can we all say prisoner of moment...? I mean really a majority of movies arent worth seeing, and many are only worth seeing the 1 time and in a theater otherwise the entire films effect is gone. Judging by the whole series i just cant believe its actually good and not hyped up, although The Rock and the fact that the director is supposed to do new Terminator give me hope, i pray the movie is atleast watchable and not a total B.S. CGI, horribly acted (lookin at you Paul Walker), over the top unreal story line.

wwm0nkey2777d ago

Nope, not worth it, Battle: LA was just shit

sickbird2777d ago

too bad the movie is garbage.

xPhearR3dx2777d ago

Did you try the arcade game? It was even worse. One of the worst games I've ever played in my life.

andron2777d ago

Well I'm not buying that movie on Blu-Ray anyway...

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The story is too old to be commented.