Portal 2 Will Not Be “Game of the Year”

"Saying Portal 2 is Game of the Year is like saying that Hurricane Katrina was the storm of the century. No doubt it was devastating but we have a long time before we reach the end of the century. We are only 4 months into the year and the vast majority of the big games aren't scheduled to release until the second half of the year. I think you also need to look at the actual games that are scheduled to release this year. The list is very impressive:"

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rabidpancakeburglar2728d ago

I reckon it will be between uncharted and skyrim, with battlefield being a close 3rd

LOGICWINS2728d ago

I reckon every gamer will have their own personal game of the year and what everyone else says doesn't matter.

NukaCola2727d ago

The media decides the winners. But in all honesty, there are so many great titles coming out still. This year has 2 GOTY noms already. Portal 2 and LBP 2. But there is still an metric ass ton of AAA titles on the way. I would like to see Portal 2 pull best puzzle game though. That is a given.

squidyj2727d ago

Whatever the decision it's going to be a knock-down drag out. Consider that Diablo 3 may actually launch this year as well.

Kran2727d ago

Im sorry I had to disagree cause you said Skyrim

Jio2728d ago

It won't win but it'll definitely be a contender.

swiftshot932728d ago

I just recently finished the game, and OMG, that was AMAZING. The ending was also a different level of epic. Everything about the game is just perfect-the writing, dialog, voice acting and presentation, the gameplay...Portal 2 is definitely the game to beat thus far. Its GOTY material easily.

ReservoirDog3162727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Yeah I finished it today too. Just everything worked pitch perfectly in the end.

And I doubt it'll win all the GOTYs (if only because a packed holiday season will probably make people forget) but it hardly matters. Outstanding game with a perfect ending.

If I could guess my GOTY, it'd be between Portal 2, LA Noire, inFamous 2, maybe Uncharted 3 and Skyrim. Whew. Packed year.

edit: Oh! Forgot Mass Effect 3!


Soldierone2727d ago

I don't call it perfect. 1 Could of been longer, being it had no online component beyond co op.

2 It was way too EASY, especially compared to the first one. I was also expecting co op to be way harder than SP. Yet it was even shorter and way easier.

3 They could of added new elements to the franchise. Why stick with the test scenerio?

I love Portal, but it isn't perfect. Free DLC or not, the core game isn't perfect.

DrFUD2727d ago

As much as I think Portal 2 is a great game
I think Mortal Kombat is better

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The story is too old to be commented.