Rockstar Delays May 6 Event Due to PSN Downtime. Signs of Even Longer PSN Outage?

Rockstar Games has delayed their Social Club Multiplayer Events scheduled to take place on May 6... Could this be another sign of a longer than anticipated delay to PSN service being restored?

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leogets2729d ago

this article is full of tells you nothing apart from not being member and to log in. wtf

fr0sty2729d ago

The article wasn't published... it's been fixed.

rabidpancakeburglar2729d ago

No. If it was sony delaying some sort of press conference then maybe but it's most likely just a sign that rockstar are unsure

InfiniteJustice2729d ago

Yeah it's most likely that R* are just doing this to make sure their event definitely goes ahead.

I mean R* won't even know if the relaunch of PSN was delayed

fr0sty2729d ago

I seriously doubt that Sony is keeping their publishing partners in the dark as to exactly when PSN's service will be restored... those guys are losing millions by the day due to this whole outage.

InfiniteJustice2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

@ fr0sty

I don't know, a few third party developers/ publishers have already issued statements that sounded like they were more or less in the dark about what had happened to PSN.

fr0sty2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Given how Sony left us in the dark about the intrusion initially, I don't doubt they didn't say much to them at first either. Now however, since all has been revealed, those developers and publishers will be wanting answers as to when they can resume selling their games and DLC, so it's doubtful that Sony is still remaining quiet to them about it. they probably are being told not to talk about it with the public though, and for good reason. if something else goes wrong, or if it takes longer than expected (as this article hints at), Sony won't be made to look even worse to their customers because some of the devs were saying "it'll be "x" days!".

I imagine those guys have a much better idea of what's going on behind the scenes than we do, even if they do not know every detail of exactly when it'll be back online.

KwietStorm2729d ago

I would say signs of a delayed social club event, but that's just me.

fr0sty2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

that much is pretty obvious... no need to say 'signs' of that. that said, WHY did they push it back that far? Our forum members speculate it could be that is when the psn store will be back online, since they are pretty much using these events as a way of pimping their DLC (many times they use modes/maps from dlc in these events). That said, recent reports of Japan possibly holding up psn going back online until their inquiry is finished aren't reassuring.

I hope as much as any of you that this is just R* being cautious, I want my Warhawk and MAG back!

KwietStorm2728d ago

Yea, I thought I was being overly sarcastic. Are many people still playing Warhawk?

fr0sty2727d ago

I never have trouble finding a good match.

LoneWanderer092729d ago

Am not interested in playing with Rockstar, what i like about the events is the Triple XP

taco_tom2372729d ago

i hope sick of playing my 360 -_-

B-Real2062729d ago

I'm pretty close to renewing my Live membership, running out of 48 hour cards!! lol!!

Prototype2729d ago

And the exact second you re-active it, PSN is back up

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