Sony's "Welcome Back" Program Is Somewhat Satisfactory

With the PSN being down, a lot of gamers are losing their patience with each passing day. Luckily, within the next 2 weeks, everything should be functional once again. To compensate PS3 owners for the trouble, Sony is offering a "Welcome Back" program, offering 30 days of Playstation Plus for free, as well as selected content that has yet to be disclosed. Depending on whether or not you're a subscriber to Playstation Plus, you may feel this is an unfair deal.

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leogets2724d ago

ive lost it.wheres my sledge hammer gone?

Flashwave_UK2724d ago

its over here next to the rpg

Christopher2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

***Also, unless Playstation Plus subscribers get more free content that is also part of the "Welcome Back" program, then this definitely tips the scale in favor of those who aren't members.***

I'm not at all unhappy about getting an extra month of service. Seriously, I'm not at all unhappy with PS+. I spent $50 for 15 months of service and I've already saved over $150 from the service. Again, it's an alternative pay plan and it's not for everyone, but it sure as heck is for me.

What I want to make sure is that when the PS Store is back up that I will be able to still go in and re-up my PS subscription for another 15 months like they had promoted 3 weeks ago.

kvg882724d ago

PS+ users are ALSO getting a free month in addition to the days they lost - I do not see the big deal here.

Oschino19072724d ago

Why anyone cares so much is beyond me. More then anythign EVERYONE just wants it online again and to be equally compensated for paid services they couldnt acess. Outside of that anyone demanding to get something or for others to not get something all need to STFU and realize no one cares what you have to say or think. Who is anyone to feel so high and mighty as to demand something for free or to demand others not receive something free as a good will gesture. Sorry just tired of single people trying to speak for all when they are just worried about themselves.

I have more then enough reasons to be pissed about it being down and the situation i am in but its really no ones problem but my own and i have to find a way to deal because really no one owes me anything for the choices i made. More then anything lets all just hope this time spent offline means we will never have to deal with anythign like this again, up until now things have been great, why everyone flips shit and starts feeling entitled to free stuff or that others shouldnt get to try what they have is beyond logical comprehension and shows how ignorant many can be when in a moment of passion or hate, just like people going ape shit over someones death and celebrating it as a joyus event, we all know what i am talking about. ;)

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