THQ confirms 'Metro: Last Light' as Metro 2033 sequel

Speaking this evening during an investor conference call, THQ CEO Brian Farrell confirmed that "Metro: Last Light" will be the title of the sequel to last year's gritty FPS Metro 2033.

Last month, domain registrations for ",& quot; "" and "" served as evidence of an upcoming game under some permutation of that title, but THQ had yet to offer anything official about that title -- and it wasn't clear whether that related to a sequel (which has previously been known as "Metro 2034") or some kind of spinoff.

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Kran2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Hopefully they've improved massively on the sequel.

I aint saying Metro 2033 was horrible. Cause it wasnt. It was a great game and I cannot wait for the sequel, but all the nips and tucks they forgot, lets hope they fix it.

(E.G. Graphics were a little out dated and the voice acting was a little off. A LITTLE. I mean, they're russian, so it's bound to be off anyway ;P)

(Yes Guys. I mean't the 360 version, not the PC version. Wasnt my comment kind of obvious?)

lastdual2751d ago

I'd say the graphics were pretty cutting edge if you had a PC capable of playing it maxed out. Even on 360 the game looked quite nice.

The main issue was the spotty shooting and AI, but like other FPS hybrid games (Deus Ex comes to mind), even that didn't mar the game too much thanks to the breadth of the gameplay. Playing full stealth with the throwing knives was awesome.

My main hope for the sequel is for more stealth vs human AIs. Shooting the monsters was a decent change of pace, but the "in and out and you never knew I was there" feeling of stealthing past the humans was more rewarding imo.

death2smoochie2751d ago

The graphics for the XBOX360 would be outdated. For the PC if you had the rig for it, produced some of the best visuals this entire generation.
Don't confuse the Xbox360 version with the PC version

lelo2play2751d ago

"Graphics were a little out dated"

Are you kidding me. If you have a good PC, the graphics are great.

I had a graphics card Nvidia 8800Gt and it choked in this game... but when i got my Nvidia GTX560, graphics were pretty great.

Motion2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I agree with most people in sayting that this game has some of the best visuals I've seen this generation.

BeastlyRig2751d ago

Graphics were a little out dated?


xbox is out dated...

DeadlyFire2751d ago

Well 4A games isn't the biggest or wisest game developer. They are a little green to game development. First game has shown they have a bit of potential though sequel should do an even better job.

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awiseman2751d ago

That game was awesome, the soundtrack, graphics, environment...etc

bobrea2751d ago

I still haven't finished Metro 2033. I've only put a few hours into it but I've enjoyed what I played. I got it for super cheap on Steam, and I think the atmosphere is really cool with some badass looking monsters. The superb graphics compensate for any issues I've noticed. I can't get too engrossed in the story though, but that's only because I'm playing through way too many games at the moment and can't keep track of them all.

Anyway, I've enjoyed what I've played of 2033 so I'm sure I'll get Last Night at some point down the road as well.

bobrea2751d ago

And as far as what people are saying about shooting mechanics, I half agree with you. The guns you use are in pretty rough shape, but I agree with them not really having any personality. I think the atmosphere of the game is good enough that it allows me to look past some flaws though.

stevenhiggster2751d ago

Personally I thought it was rubbish, the shooting (you know, only the most important part of a shooter) was rubbish. Aiming was off and the guns had no feeling to them at all. I couldn't really get into it at all.
I only paid £9.99 for it on Steam, and tbh, that was £9 too much.

sam22362751d ago


I fucking LOVE Metro 2033!

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