THQ comments on Project Cafe

THQ shares a statement on Project Cafe.

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SantistaUSA3494d ago

Sweet... Come on Nintendo, give us hardcore gamers and the devs plenty of horsepower :D

afterMoth3494d ago

This is all it says, no need to click the link:

“We are excited about the prospect of new hardware next year and look forward to working on that system.”

apollo063494d ago

Still nice to see.... I wonder if they have anything in development for the system.

antauwnehart3494d ago

I wish they would tell me why saints row the third looks like crap! I can't wait for red faction though!

mcstorm3493d ago

It will be good to see thq backing nintendo core games again i remember the wcw games for the n64 they were amazing and i think with games like red faction wwe all stars and home front mp thq are on there way back up to bringing us some games that we will remember in years to come like the n64 days.