TIG: Portal 2 Review

TIG: "The original Portal was an interesting and unique game which quickly charmed gamers via its fresh feel, clever mechanics, and solid polish. Although the game was quite short, it instantly won gamers over and became an instant classic in an overly saturated shooter market. That was back in 2007 - Valve has had three years to work on the next iteration in the series, and this time around Valve does not fail to deliver."

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theafroman2817d ago

''Congratulations. Not on the test! Most people emerge from suspension terribly undernourished. I want to congratulate you on beating the odds and somehow managing to pack on a few pounds.''

dry_ice2817d ago

The beginning is excellent... it definitely sets the bar right at the start.

antauwnehart2817d ago

Fail! This 2/10 shovelware!