DC Universe Make Good Plan Details

PCN: "PSN has been out, and we have seen sites twist words every way possible. However there still happens to be good news pouring our of it all. Finally the good will gesture by DC Universe has been detailed."

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gaffyh2728d ago

I really don't think this makes up for anything.

Dart892728d ago

^^Like always people will always b**ch about one thing or another.

NewMonday2728d ago

A style item is useless, there should be at least 2 T1 items and 1 T2 Items, and 10 of every mark for every day the PSN is down to make up for lost leveling. To me this is more important than a free month. I really can't pull myself back to the game for anything less.

gaffyh2728d ago

Yeah I'm talking about the mask. Of course the free 30 days makes up a little.

Queasy2728d ago

A free month plus free days for ever day that the service was down? Then throw in a free in-game item?

What would make up for the downtime in your eyes then?

Spawn-KING2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

30 days free and 2 weeks to it, and a mask that cost over 50,000 dollars at the Brokers ... So yes I think they are amazing gift's ....

banjadude2728d ago

"A Batman inspired gift".

Truly, an awesome gift :D

Spawn-KING2728d ago

yup it's the head gear from one of the 3 Batcave Raids,very very hard to get,and at the brokers I saw it sell for $80,000 and the cheapest was at $50,000... So yes it a awesome item/Raid head gear ....

soundslike2728d ago

lol guess I'm not cancelling for a couple of months then

---stone---2728d ago

I would have been happy if their making good plan was just deleting the fuckin clovers. -_-

I think thats very fair with the added 30days and very cool of them with the extra day added for each day down along with the "Batman inspired gift"

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The story is too old to be commented.