24K Golden Amp gameplay video revealed for inFamous 2

Amazon has revealed a new gameplay video for inFamous 2, showcasing the 24K Golden Amp weapon (which is a special pre-order bonus item).

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elite-shot2750d ago

Cool, but not worth an extra £10

TheTruth892750d ago

it cost the same (at least.. in italy)...

there 3 versions:

1) Normal Edition 69€ game :D
2) Limited Edition 69€ game + 1 or 2 DLC
3) Collector Edition 139€ lot of DLC, Skins, Backpack, Cole statue

elite-shot2750d ago

in the uk there's no collectors edition and the limited addition costs £10 more but you get the amp, old cole skin and a new power.. which tbh isn't worth it.

Darkseeker2750d ago

All of it will be given as a DLC sooner or later anyway.