Australia to Make New Law After Playstation Network Hacking

The Australian government is planning on making a new law which will require companies to disclose info on security breaches to the public immediately. Over 1.5 million Australian accounts got hacked, and the officials in Australia are livid.

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b_one2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Dear Hackers, look what have you done, Goverments to the rescue, from now on it can be only worse.

Elven62751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

The hackers were actually the government, what a twist!

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

In all seriousness though, if laws like this are in place it will only help consumers long term. Companies like Sony, Microsoft, etc will likely be on the ball when it comes to revealing stuff like this, but that's not to say all companies are and laws like this ensure they will be if the need arises.

evrfighter2751d ago

wow thanks for dropping the ball Sony. hackings been around since the dawn of the internet. this could have easily been avoided if they weren't so lax on the security of tens of millions of their customers.

zoks3102751d ago

This is a great law actully, companies need to be checked on these issue. One thing that I noticed during all of this is that no one is really blaming the hackers or at least trying to pass laws to limit their ability to attack company servers.
The hackers need to be punished by law also is basically what I'm saying.

b_one2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

it will cause panic... only, imagine day one msg in media "we got hacked, run for your lifes customers, hackers on the loose"

in sony case you actually know whant happen, what data was compromised etc... still banks in uk refuses to cacnel cards (insane)

Christopher2751d ago

*** The new ruling is designed to force companies to disclose any privacy breaches to the public.***

Didn't they disclose said breaches? Any law that passes that forces immediate information on possible breaches will only hurt companies as the possibility comes and goes almost weekly for many companies.

Elwenil2751d ago

So this law will force companies to disclose information that could potentially jeopardize an investigation into who actually caused the problem. Typical of today's society, punish the innocent while letting the guilty go free.

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Christopher2750d ago

Yeah, if it means immediately, that's going to be a huge issues with generating a lot of fear since these sort of occurrences happen each week at many companies. Guess we'll see how the law pans out.

Oxymoron0282751d ago

So you mean Australian Government believes unconfirmed sources over confirmed sources?


xabmol2751d ago

Hey, B,

Don't blame hackers for what the gov't does. Blame the damn people voting for such policies.

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BubbleSniper2751d ago

it should be a law, but now look what happening... legislature from people tryin to censor internet just got 1,000 points for their team.

@people cheering on hackers... get ready for ripple to hit your daily habits online 2.

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Darkspade2751d ago

This is very nice, now these major company's can hold out on there costumers.. Sony Knew right away what was going on, what was taken. They should have said right from the beginning that peoples Info and credit Cards were taken.. not wait a week, Hell they would have more then likely still not have said anything if the Government didn't step in...

yewles12751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Thanks Anonymous, the imaginary laws that you lied about freeing us from are now to become a reality. You and Geohot started this, and now because of your supporters, the governments are going to finish it. Congratulations, morons.

Sure, THIS is a good thing, but when they start adding laws with actual restrictions to users, we'll know who to blame.

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