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For years, the Mortal Kombat series has captivated fans with its brutal gameplay, memorable cast, and over-the-top gore. A favorite among retro gamers, the fighting franchise has carved a legacy in the genre by distancing itself from its cartoony peers and providing darker undertones and intense violence. For some time, the series was headed in a more contemporary direction, offering 3D fighting gameplay and even mixing in with the DC Universe. Mortal Kombat, the ninth entry in the series, returns to form in an experience that’s nostalgic but completely accessible to today’s crowd.

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DarkBlade46582727d ago

Totally deserving of its score. Wasn't hyped but once I played it, I was completely hooked.

athmaus2727d ago

I really dont like Mortal Kombat that much, to much gore for my tastes. good review though

krazykombatant2727d ago

well you are aware you can turn it off right... at least the blood. but Then again games like these aren't for everyone.

krazykombatant2727d ago

Waiting for my copy to come in the post. so EXCITED!

FunAndGun2727d ago

Well with that name I'm sure you are! ;)