15 Greatest Video Game Villains

Video games are famous for events that occur at the end of them called “Boss Battles”. Usually, you face off against the one who has opposed you constantly throughout your experience, and you must use all of your knowledge to defeat them. There are some villains who have stuck with us because they are genuinely evil. Here are WiredController’s 15 Greatest Video Game Villains!

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BiggCMan2726d ago

Yea Kekfka should be on this list somewhere. This list was horrible overall though, but I won't bother complaining, it won't get me anywhere.

gameguru2726d ago

well kefka is in honorable mentions though but i think it was a very good list overall, how do you find it horrible?

BiggCMan2726d ago

Fair enough, i'll give an honest response. The Joker was a good villain, but I don't think he stacks up with others. Guy from RDR shouldn't even be given a thought, RDR had a forgettable story. Glados is amazing, but hardly the greatest. This is all opinion though, I don't mean it as an absolute or anything. I believe you could easily fill every spot with Metal Gear bosses, but that is just me. To each his own.

warrior99882726d ago

gamersheep ew hate that reviewer

DeeZee2726d ago

Great list and I agree with the number one choice, she's my top one too. It's something about the way she belittles you.

solar2726d ago

she called me fat :( she must be a sony fanboi and thought i was Gabe :P

forevercloud30002726d ago

I can live with Sephiroth being number 2 while Glados in the 1# spot. Shes hilarious!

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The story is too old to be commented.